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4 Effective Ways to Save Yourself From the Holiday Stress

You can still have an amazing — and healthy — time this holiday season!

While Christmas and New Year are undeniably the most wonderful times of the year, the season is also as stressful as it is fun.

From gift shopping to unhealthy eating habits and weight gain, your ‘merry’ can easily turn into weary.  Fortunately, you can still have an amazing—and healthy—time if you will be smart about it! (Read: Want a happy, healthy life? Experts suggest eating the rainbow!)

My Pope lists four easy ways on how you can enjoy the season without a hitch! 

How to Escape the Holiday Stress: Go on a Wellness Break

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It’s the season for giving but don’t forget to treat yourself, too! Celebrate self-love by going on a festive treat all by yourself. A day in a spa or a salon with a pleasing temperature and relaxing atmosphere will surely help you unwind and draw new energy. (Read: 4 Places to Escape Near Metro Manila to Save Your Mental Health)

A healthy getaway will relieve you from all the tension and pressure build up during this season. Spoil yourself by taking a detox break and you’ll surely enter the New Year with a healthy mind and body. 

How to Escape the Holiday Stress: Think Before You Eat

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The holiday season is not an excuse for you to let go of your body. With all the parties here and there, it’s true that eating is unavoidable. But instead of mindlessly munching on whatever it is in front of you, take a moment to think about whether you really want it, or are just eating it because it’s there.

How to Escape the Holiday Stress: Go Easy on the Booze

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It’s fine to indulge yourself with a glass of wine or champagne to toast the festive season, but be sure to not get carried away. Too many calories from alcohol can be harmful to your health— plus it can add up to your pounds and we know you don’t want that! (Read: 3 Alcoholic Beverages With Catholic Origins)

Also, every holiday season, hundreds of lives are lost due to drunk driving. So make sure to drink responsibly during and over the holidays.

How to Escape the Holiday Stress: Exercise

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The holidays may get you a little off track, but this doesn’t mean your fitness routine should melt away. In fact, exercising during the holidays can also be a valuable tool to relieve you from the stress of the holiday season. So call on your gym buddies, put on your workout clothes, and get sweating.

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