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3 Easy Steps to Restore Flooded Furniture and Appliances

Don't throw away your items just yet!

On November 11 and 12, different parts of the Bicol region, CALABARZON, Metro Manila, and northern provinces of Luzon were once again devastated by a strong typhoon. These affected areas experienced very strong winds, heavy rains, and some even flooding because of Typhoon Ulysses, the fourth consecutive typhoon that entered the Philippines in the last few weeks. Residents had to either transfer to evacuation centers in the meantime or stay on the upper floors of their houses.

But alas, the flooding still reached higher floors due to the amount of rain that fell in a span of 24 hours. It meant that furniture, appliances, and other household equipment that weren’t evacuated in time due to other priorities—important documents, pets, human lives—were submerged in water that either came from overflown rivers or higher ground. Couches, tables, chairs, and the like are now sitting in murky water and mud, potentially being destroyed by it. (LIST: The Best Food Items to Donate for Disaster Victims)

So, if you are among those who suffered flooding due to Typhoon Ulysses, don’t throw away your items just yet. My Pope Philippine gives you a three-step guide as to what you should do with your furniture and appliances that were flooded after a typhoon or any other natural disaster.

Step 1: Move Your Flooded Items to a Dry Place

On top of the list should be transferring the furniture and appliances to a dry (or relatively drier) place. The water can make the paint chip, destroy some of the materials, and even growth of molds because of the condensation.

Once floods go down, and when the situation permits (you and your family, including pets, are already safe), it would be best to move these flooded furniture and appliances into an area with enough heat and light to dry them.

Photo from Rishi Ragoonath / Trinidad Guardian

Step 2: Decide What Items to Salvage

Restoring furniture and repairing appliances can come with a hefty price tag, especially when many are looking into getting their household items back in tiptop shape. This is why sometimes, it’s better to choose which are going to be salvaged and restored, and which will be disposed of. It might be hard to decide, but admittedly, we do have to save money especially when we’ve been hit by a major disaster. (Read: 5 Food Must-Haves in Your Emergency Kit)

But if you can’t throw anything away due to personal reasons, just choose which should come first in the restoration. Then keep all others that are to be fixed in a dry area to avoid molds and other bacterial growth which can destroy these furniture.

Photo from Brett Coomer / Houston Chronicle

Step 3: Get in Touch With a Repair Expert

After selecting which furniture and appliances are priorities, you should call an expert repairman to help with the restoration and fixing of these items. It will also be a huge help to them, especially now that there is a pandemic and typhoons, which are most likely also affecting their line of work and income.

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After the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses, numerous bodies have been recovered, yet search and rescue operations are still ongoing in affected areas. Donation drives have already been put up by various organizations to assist the victims, and many have been calling for accountability from public officials who seemed to be MIA during the typhoon.

To know where you can donate for the victims of Typhoon Ulysses, click here.

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