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5 Ways to Cope With Burnout While Working From Home

Now that almost everyone is working from home, people are more prone to burnout.

Burnout is real. People get tired and we sometimes think that we don’t want to deal with the things that we absolutely love. It can happen to anyone—yes, even to those who may seem to have found their dream job!

When a person is drained of motivation, willpower, and interest, it can cause some real damage to our everyday life. This is called burnout—a state of exhaustion brought on by excessive and prolonged career-related stress. It can happen especially when you feel overwhelmed, drained, and unable to meet demands (of your boss and of yourself). (Read: 3 Powerful Prayers for Strength and Positivity)

Now that almost everyone is staying at home and trying to make sense of their lives and jobs in the middle of the pandemic, people are prone to more burnout. The suddenness and degree of the shift to remote work, the economic fallout, and general worry brought about the disease intensify the risk of burnout.

So what can you do if you feel burned out while working from home? Here are five tips to help you cope!

Set Clear Boundaries

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The main problem with working from home is that we are struggling to find work-life balance. Because we are working from home, it is hard to separate our work from our home life—when these two merge, our brain goes on overdrive. (Read: How do big bosses balance their personal and professional lives?)

Also, we often work more hours when we are working from home because we never really shut down our computers and are not physically walking away from work. To fight this—and avoid feeling burnout—we have to set clear boundaries. Set a schedule for when you will start and will stop working. You can also help make non-work time feel different by changing into more comfortable clothes—a signal that you are done for today’s work.

Stop Aspiring to Become the Perfect Employee

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With many of us working remotely, we may feel a need to prove our bosses that we are not slacking off at home. However, if we aspire too much to become the perfect worker in this time of a pandemic, it can sooner or later lead to burnout. So we tend to work extra hard, putting on more extra hours to become the perfect worker.

The best way to deal with this is to set expectations with your boss and with yourself. Clarify what your duties are and their expectations so you can be on the same page for what needs to be done. (Read: 2 Powerful Prayers for a Job Breakthrough)

Unplug From Time to Time

With what’s going on with the world, technology is our best friend. After all, it is what enables us to see the outside world without going out of our homes. (Read: 5 Apps for a Virtual Bonding Session With Friends and Family)

And while technology helps us become productive in this trying time, being “plugged” all the time can lead to burnout—especially when it affects our relationships and activities. Unplug for a short while and make it a habit to avoid checking emails first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Get Enough Sleep

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Numerous research say that having fewer than six hours of sleep per night is one of the main causes of burnout. Poor sleep affects our job performance and productivity as it leads to fatigue, decreases motivation, and impairs mental function which can lead to more errors. (Read: 3 Prayers to Help You Sleep Peacefully)

Replenish your resources by sleeping at least 8 hours each night. It is one of the biggest combatants for stress and burnout, especially now that we are experiencing “special” circumstances because of the pandemic. 

Practice Self-care

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It’s been said time and time again that self-care is a major factor in living a more happy and productive lifestyle. While working from home, make sure to add small activities that spark joy in your life. Go for a walk or exercise in the morning before clocking in, read a book, cook with your family, FaceTime your grandparents—whatever it is, make sure to take time for your own happiness a little each day.

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