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Here’s Why You Feel Tired in Quarantine — and What to Do About It!

With everything happening, keep yourself in tip-top condition with these lifestyle tips!

The rising number of COVID-19 cases all around the world is making everyone anxious and frightened. A million questions are now racing in everyone’s head, along with prayers that this challenge will soon pass. 

While it is admirable to get up and do your work every morning, it is also quite normal to feel exhausted despite staying home for a long period of time. According to experts, this is your body responding to the trauma brought about by something that you didn’t see coming. 

“Both emotionally and physically, we respond to shock and trauma in a fundamental way—by our instinctual fight or flight response,” says clinical psychologist John Mayer, Ph.D., author of Family Fit: Find Your Balance in Life. “Any other reactions you can think of are sub-categories of these responses.” After that initial adrenaline rush that follows trauma, most people feel completely wiped out, he explains. (Read: Mental Health Then and Now: Five ways society’s perception has changed through the years)

So don’t fret if you feel tired most of the time because your mind and body are having a mental shift on how you view the world and other people. Remember that with everything happening, you’re seeing the world in a different light–drastically. Here are four My Pope-approved ways on how to cope and push forward!

Beat Quarantine Blues by: Reaching Out to Others

You may not meet up with your friends for brunch or dinner like you used to, but you can always talk to them on the phone or through video chat. Take advantage of technology and set up a group chat session with your barkada or family once a week. (Read: 5 Ways to Strengthen Relationships While Social Distancing)

Beat Quarantine Blues by: Keeping a Routine

Your regular routine of coffee–shower–drive to work might have been altered that’s why you feel out of sorts. Make a new routine as you stay home and stick with it until the lockdown is over. 

Beat Quarantine Blues by: Not Overdoing the News

While it is right to keep yourself informed, the news is one source of anxiety. The news is there to keep you informed and help you take effective action in response to the pandemic but do not let yourself spend excessive amounts of time exposed to repetitive information.

Beat Quarantine Blues by: Staying Healthy

Gone are the days when you can pop in your favorite fast food and order a burger. Take this time to eat real food! (Read: How do you eat healthy while in quarantine? We asked a nutritionist-dietician!) Home-cooked meals do not only serve as a distraction, they are also more healthy and economical. And if you can, try to squeeze in a little exercise, too—such as the at-home workouts available on the Internet!

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