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Friday, November 27, 2020
3 Ways How Jose Mari Chan Brings Christmas in September - image MPPPA_LEADERBOARD_728x90_rev on https://www.mypope.com.ph
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3 Ways How Jose Mari Chan Brings Christmas in September

Have you seen those memes on your newsfeeds yet?

To say that Christmas is an important holiday in the Philippines is an understatement. Filipinos welcome the season uniquely and it has become a vital part of our culture throughout the years.

As soon as the “ber” months arrive, we start to celebrate Christmas with simple acts, like giving small tokens as gifts, adorning our homes with over-the-top decorations, and even planning reunion parties with our loved ones! It’s no wonder why the Philippines boasts the longest yuletide season in the world. (Read: Not feeling Christmas-y? Here’s how to get over the holiday slumps.)

But aside from the extravagant decorations and the holiday breeze, nothing can boost the Filipino Christmas spirit more than Jose Mari Chan and his songs. Despite refusing the title “The Father of Philippine Christmas,” the singer has become a household name for the holiday season. 

While we know that Jose Mari Chan memes might be flooding our newsfeeds in the coming weeks, we list three definitive reasons why the singer-songwriter has inevitably become the ultimate bearer of the holiday spirit! 

His songs make us feel warm and fuzzy.

Everyone knows that Jose Mari Chan’s “Christmas in Our Hearts”  is the ultimate holiday anthem among Filipinos. And why wouldn’t it? The song takes us back to our nostalgic childhood memories of the holidays, the family gatherings during Christmas eve, and the innocence and endless possibilities of the magical season.

In an interview with My Pope Philipines, Chan shared that he is “blessed” to have written “Christmas In Our Hearts,” and that the song is “a gift from the Holy Spirit.” 

His memes signal that the holiday season is approaching.

Jose Mari Chan’s ushering of the Pinoy Christmas season is embraced by netizens with videos and memes. (Photos from Zarah Mae Academia / Good News Pilipinas and SUNSTAR Davao)

Being a Christmas icon himself, Jose Mari Chan has become a trending subject online whenever the “ber” months start to approach. Netizens would usually post and share memes of the singer, placing him in the top trending topics on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. When this happens, everyone automatically knows that Christmas is just around the corner!

He reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas.

Photo from PhilNews.ph

Despite his popularity during the holiday season, the veteran singer and songwriter never fails to remind everyone that the true meaning of Christmas is not just about merrymaking. (Read: Three Ways to Celebrate the True Meaning of Christmas)

He tells My Pope, “Christmas is the second most important part of our Christian Faith [the first is Easter]. That God sent His only Son to be born as human, like us in all things, in order to bring God’s Message of love to us. In ‘Christmas In Our Hearts,’ we sing ‘Let love, like that starlight on that first Christmas morn, lead us back to the manger where Christ the Child was born.’ Love is at the center of Christmas. The love that Jesus taught us. The love of God above all things and loving our neighbors, especially the poor among us.” 

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