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These Pinay Sisters Started an Online Store for ‘Smoothie Cubes’

No more peeling and cutting with Greens and Beyond!

One of the healthiest and easiest to prepare snacks you can enjoy at home or on the go is smoothies. They have a lot of health benefits and are packed with nutrients that may reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and lower the risk of chronic conditions.

With its popularity in fitness and wellness, smoothies are now being offered in restaurants, cafes, online businesses, and even grocery stores. Many are making bottled and ready-to-drink smoothies— or for this online store based in Pasig, smoothie cubes!

Greens and Beyond was started by sisters Arriane Martinez-Sumulong and Faye Martinez-Olinares, who are fascinated by how smoothies help boost one’s energy, digestion, and daily intake of fruits and vegetables. (Read: 3 Healthy Smoothies We Learned From Celebrities)

The duo shares with My Pope Philippines how they developed their smoothie cubes and how their product can help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Smoothie packages available in boxes of 5, 10, and 15 (Photo courtesy of Greens and Beyond Instagram)

Making Smoothie Cubes

Arriane and Faye tried to combine different flavors in cube sizes until they decided to launch an online business in June 2020. (Read: These Small Blenders Are Perfect For Your Budget!)

“In our effort to make smoothies more accessible, we stumbled upon the idea of blending and freezing them in small cubes to avoid multiple grocery runs, peeling and cutting, blending, and cleanups,” they explain. 

Smoothies are definitely made easier by Greens and Beyond. In three easy steps, you can just relax while drinking these creamy and nutritious smoothies. All you need to do is to pop the smoothie cubes in a container, add water or any liquid of your choice and let it melt for 15 to 20 minutes, then shake well to enjoy. 

For a healthier alternative, the smoothie cubes are best paired with almond milk, oat milk, and soy milk, which you can purchase from Arriane and Faye’s store. (WATCH: Dr. Dex Macalintal Recommends Food Against COVID-19)

Toppers such as superfood granola, sliced natural almonds, cacao nibs, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, chia seeds, and flax seeds are available on their menu as well. 

(Left) Kale-Mango Smoothie (Right) Coffee-Spinach Smoothie (Photos courtesy of Greens and Beyond Instagram)

Natural, Plant-Based

All ingredients used in making Greens and Beyond’s smoothie cubes are natural, plant-based, dairy-free, and have no preservatives. It purely contains fresh fruits and vegetables and superfoods like raw cacao, beets, acai, and turmeric.

For some flavors with cashew milk, Arriane and Faye use a little amount of agave syrup as an alternative to honey. They assure that every cube is made with 100% nutrients. (WATCH: Nutritionist-Dietitian Explains Fad Diets, Plant-Based Eating)

Another benefit of smoothie cubes is that you can store them for up to three months as long as they still have ice crystals. Just make sure to keep it frozen and do not refreeze it once it has been defrosted.

You can also try other ways to consume smoothie cubes! Some customers made smoothie bowls using smoothie cubes with mixed toppers.

The top best-sellers and other must-try flavors (Photo courtesy of Greens and Beyond Instagram)

Greens and Beyond delivers within Metro Manila and nearby provinces. They will be introducing their smoothies to some specialty stores soon, so stay tuned to their Instagram account! You may place your order through their website

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