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Here’s Where You Can Buy The Egg Sandwich From ‘Hospital Playlist’!

Find out why Uju loves it so much!

If you’ve been checking Netflix in the past few weeks, you would’ve noticed that there’s a slew of Korean dramas that have been trending in the Philippines. And while some shows come and go on the trend list, there are others that seem to remain on it every single week! Just like the second season of the hit K-drama ‘Hospital Playlist‘.

The drama, which revolves around five doctors who share both the passion for medicine and music, has had a successful first season in 2020 and is still making waves on social media for its second season. But it isn’t just music and medicine that this show is known for–there’s also a delicious side to its popularity! (Read: 3 Korean Dishes to Relive Your Best K-Drama Moments)

And one of the popular food from Hospital Playlist is the egg sandwich that Ik Jun’s (Jo Jung Suk) son, Uju (Kim Jun), loves so much. Indeed, it looks delicious and viewers are surely craving it when it appears on-screen. And we know where to get a similar one!

Egg Drop MNL

Photo from EGG DROP MANILA Instagram

If you’re super curious as to how Uju’s favorite egg sandwich tastes like, and get to know why he loves it so much, drop by Egg Drop MNL to get the answers!

Egg Drop MNL is a shop that offers Korean-inspired egg sandwiches, owned by 24-year-old banker and entrepreneur Jennilyn Toledo, and her partner Adrian Ponce. In an interview with Cosmo PH, Jennilyn said that they used to serve pasta and sandwiches, but quickly realized that everyone was doing the same. So they thought of offering something unique–hence, the egg sandwiches. (Read: LOOK: This Makati Restaurant Offers Kdrama-Inspired Food Sets!)

In fact, it was only last June 12 that they opened Egg Drop MNL!

“Our passion for cooking and experimenting with recipes brought us to what we have today,” she said. (Read: Chef Closes Restaurant, Feeds Over 50,000 During Lockdown)

Their first physical cafe is also under construction as of writing, but for the meantime, you can order by messaging them on their Facebook page or Instagram.

BONUS: Here’s a recipe you can follow to recreate the sandwich!

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