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3 Ways To Celebrate The Month of The Holy Rosary During The Pandemic

Celebrate the month of the Holy Rosary virtually with these simple ways.

This October, Catholics around the world observe the Month of the Holy Rosary. It is a month-long celebration filled with devotions that honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. Usual Filipino traditions during the observance include prayer vigils, novenas, and regular praying of the Holy Rosary in churches and parishes.

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face traditions like these can’t be held right. The safety of everyone comes first, and health protocols prohibit mass gatherings–including religious activities–to prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus. (Read: Wow, Catholics Can Now Go on Virtual Pilgrimage to the Holy Land!)

But this doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate and honor Mama Mary at home! Here are a few ways you can still celebrate the Month of the Holy Rosary with loved ones even amid the quarantine.

Set up a Zoom meeting for praying the Rosary

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Just like pre-pandemic times, you can still pray the Rosary with family, friends, and your church communities–this time, just virtually. You can set up a Zoom meeting room (or whichever meeting or video platform you prefer) and invite everyone you would usually pray the Rosary with, and pray with them over video call. You can even take turns leading the Rosary each day, and offer prayers for each one’s personal intentions.

Join virtual Masses and novenas

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Many parishes and churches nowadays hold most of their Masses over on Facebook or YouTube, via a livestream. Other religious activities and events are also streamed online so everyone from all parts of the country can participate. So if you are not able to pray the Rosary with loved ones, you can still join a prayer vigil or novena that a church is livestreaming. There are plenty of parishes and organizations that now actively and regularly stream these kinds of Catholic activities, including the Manila Cathedral. (Read: 3 Ways To Bring Your Family Closer to God Amid Mass Suspensions During ECQ)

Read a Marian novel

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What better way to honor the Blessed Virgin than to learn more about her and her life? This October, try and read a Marian classic that details her life, or the history of the Rosary, to know more about her. A few great classics are True Devotion to Mary, The Secret of the RosaryThe Glories of Mary, or John Paul II’s Book of Mary.

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