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Every Parent Has to See ’18 Again’ on Netflix – Here’s Why!

The Korean series teaches us a lot about parenthood, and we're all for it!

Have you ever wished for another chance to correct your mistakes and improve your life? What will you do if one day, you wake up and transform back to your younger years? How will you react to this situation?

18 Again is the latest K-drama series from Netflix. It is a Korean remake of the 2009 Hollywood movie, 17 Again, starring Matthew Perry, Zac Efron, and Leslie Mann.

It tells the story of Hong Dae Young, a 37-year-old man who is about to be divorced by his wife, Jung Da Jung. This also goes with him eventually losing his job just when he thought he was about to get promoted. He wishes to go back in time when he was Serim High School’s basketball superstar and to fix his life.

And just as he wished, Dae Young finds himself back in his 18-year-old body and must now go back to his old high school with the help of his friend, Go Deok Jin. Eventually, he enters the school as Go Woo-Young, becomes classmates with his children, and learns more about them and himself as they go along. (LOOK: These Hallyu-Inspired Items Are a Must-Add to Cart!)

My Pope Philippines lists four reasons why 18 Again is a must-watch for every parent. 

18 Again Touches on Second Chances at Life

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In the series, Dae Young was given a second chance to not just fix his marital problem with Da Jung, but also reconcile with his father with whom he had a broken relationship. He may have had regrets about how he dealt with his problems in the past, but now that he got the chance to be Woo Young, he took the opportunity to correct his mistakes.

Every day that we wake, we are given a chance to correct our mistakes and start anew — with or without the magic of traveling back in time as Dae-Young had. Our past should not determine what our present and future should be, because every day means another opportunity to improve. 

18 Again Inspires Open Communication Between Parents and Children

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Dae Young and Da Jung thought they knew their children well for the last 18 years. But as it turns out, it was only when Dae Yong became the 18-year-old Woo Young that he got to learn his children’s aspirations in life. (Read: Nonie and Shamaine on mental health: ‘Parents should open their minds’)

As parents, we need to have an open line of communication with our children so they can easily open up to us without hesitations. Often, we think that we already know everything about our children, but as they grow up, they also learn more about themselves. In these times, they start to become conscious of what they share with us, as they fear that we might react negatively toward their decisions.

When it comes to parenting, it is important that we stay open-minded about our children’s decisions in order to give them the freedom to share with us what they have in mind. Remember: communication is only effective when both parties are open to listening and understanding each other’s thoughts.

18 Again Teaches Us to Fight for Our Dreams

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Even with her age, Da Jung aspired to become an announcer which she felt was deprived of her when she became a mother at a young age. With all the challenges at work, most especially from her colleagues and supervisor, she kept and maintained her poise and proved that no one can stop her from pursuing her dreams. Likewise, Dae Young continued to go after his dream of playing basketball. (Read: From BPO Agent to Chef: How This Man Successfully Changed Careers)

It is understandable that for parents, the family is the top priority. But still, we can continue to work on ourselves and even chase after our long-time dreams while tending to our family’s needs. So pursue that higher education course you’ve been wanting to take, start on that new business venture, or go on that much-wanted trip with your friends and loved ones. As long as your health, priorities, and dedication are well, it is not impossible to make any goal a reality— even if you have kids to take care of!

18 Again Sheds Light on the Value of Friendships

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They say true friends are there during your good and bad times, your moments of triumph and failures. In the case of Dae Young and Da Hung, their friends Ko Deok Jin and Choo Ae-Rin were there for them especially when they needed help in times of trouble.

When people age and have their own families, friends tend to be forgotten or set aside. However, this should not be the case. The presence of friends, at some point, is healthy for you and your family— they can be your children’s second parents, your moral compass or “conscience” in times of need, and even your trusted life advisor.

So go on and make that call. Catch up with that friend whom you haven’t talked to in a while, and share with them your thoughts and latest updates in your life. A little appreciation goes a long way, after all!


Text by Earl Leonard Sebastian and Aizel Dolom.

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