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Order These Christmas Specials Now From These 3 Restaurants

Grab these limited edition items now!

The holidays are in only a little over a month from now. Which means holiday and Christmas menus are already starting to be launched by different brands and food establishments. But with so many posts filling up our social media feeds, it can be hard to keep track of which restaurants and food establishments have already released their holiday specials.

But worry not, we’ve listed which brands currently have limited edition holiday menu items or Christmas specials so you don’t have to frantically search for it! Here they are. (Read: DOH Now Allows Christmas Caroling)


Photo from McDonald’s Facebook

Recently, fast food giant McDonald’s launched the newest additions to their Christmas specials menu. The newest items? A brazo sundae, an ube pastillas sundae, and an iced coffee brazo! Oh and did we mention that there’s also frappe versions of the brazo and ube pastillas sundaes? The new items are available for a limited only so grab the now via dine in, take out, delivery, or through food delivery apps!

Mary Grace

Photos from Mary Grace Cafe Facebook

The iconic cafe and restaurant has Christmas specials just for you. They have drinks in a bottle that will make you feel the holiday spirit. Mary Grace has the Hot Chocolate in a Bottle, White Hot Chocolate in a Bottle, and Mint Hot Chocolate in a Bottle. The bottled drinks are available both in store and for delivery. (Read: Good Christian Checklist: Have You Done Your Duties This Christmas?)


Photo from Bonchon Chicken Philippines

If you’re looking for a readily available group meal for your holiday gatherings, let BonChon provide your food! The Korean fast food chain just put out two Christmas specials that are perfect for small holiday gatherings this coming December. Christmas Blowout Meal A consists of three pieces chicken, three pieces crispy fish, six pieces crispy mandu, three cups of Korean fried rice, three mango crepes, and a liter of iced tea. On the other hand, the Christmas Blowout Meal B has a six-piece chicken rack, a medium party platter (choice of chapchae or crispy mandu), a medium Korean fried rice party platter, and one liter iced tea. The meals are available for dine in, take out, and delivery.

Photo from Bonchon Chicken Philippines

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