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3 Hearty Soup Recipes That Popes Eat During Cold Seasons

Warm-up your cold nights with these recipes from The Vatican Cookbook!

The rainy season is definitely upon us—consecutive typhoons, strong winds, and generally colder weather are being experienced in the Philippines right now. And with the cold weather comes our need for hot food and drinks to warm us at night, in addition to our favorite sweater that feels just like a warm embrace.

One of the most effective food to warm our bodies is a hot bowl of soup. It is not only eaten during cold nights, but also when we’re feeling under the weather or when we don’t feel like eating anything else. It’s like wonder food, if you ask us—one soup, many uses. (Read: 4 Classic Filipino Dishes That Are Perfect for Rainy Days)

Even our beloved popes from centuries ago until now love having soup on the table on a regular basis. And thanks to The Vatican Cookbook (a book of curated recipes straight from the kitchen at the Vatican written by a former Swiss Guard) and The Vatican Christmas Cookbook, we can now indulge ourselves with soups that the popes actually ate at least once in their lives!

Recipes From the Vatican: Hearty Barley Soup

Photo from The Vatican Cookbook / Sophia Institute Press

Hearty barley soup is not only good for warming you up on a cold, rainy night, it’s also great for your health! For one, barley is a grain that’s rich in vitamins—something all of us need, especially now that there is a pandemic. And second, it also promotes better digestion for us, among others. Warms you up and gives you vitamins? What’s not to love?

Find the recipe on page 18 of The Vatican Christmas Cookbook PDF.

Recipes From the Vatican: Tomato Soup Fiorentina

Photo from The Vatican Cookbook / Cleveland.com

Tomato Soup Fiorentina is different from other tomato-based soups as it not only uses tomato juice, but also actual cherry tomatoes! That means you get more vitamins for every spoonful of this soup you eat. It also has herbs, spices, and other vegetables which makes it even healthier for you. No wonder it is served to popes in the Vatican! (Read: How do you eat healthy while in quarantine? We asked a nutritionist-dietician!)

You can see the recipe for this soup here.

Recipes From the Vatican: Pumpkin Soup Amaretto

Photo from The Vatican Cookbook / Sophia Institute Press

This is one of the dishes in the Vatican that uses liqueur. Pumpkin soup amaretto uses Amaretto, an Italian liqueur made traditionally using bitter almonds. But non-liqueur drinkers shouldn’t have to worry because the soup only uses a couple of tablespoons for the recipe, and it is also really healthy because of the pumpkin.

Check out the recipe on page 22 of this PDF.

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