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3 Ways to Turn Holiday Leftovers Into Healthy Work Meals

Aim for zero food waste this New Year with these recipes!

Every Christmas and New Year in the Philippines, the amount of food on the family table can be so overwhelming that we don’t always clear all the serving plates.

Leftovers are almost always unavoidable during the holidays, especially because everyone, from the titos and titas to cousins and in-laws, would always bring something to the table— quite literally. This is why it’s a common sight that we’re left with a full fridge once the holidays are over, to the point where it can no longer accommodate any more food.

The good thing is we can still make use of the leftovers for new meals. And it actually doesn’t have to be eaten just as is— you can level up the food and even bring it to work once the holiday break is over! (LIST: Fruits and Vegetables You Can Re-Grow From Leftovers)

Here are a few ideas to make use of your holiday leftovers.

Holiday Leftovers: Fried Chicken Casserole

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Any household with children would almost always have a fried chicken served on the table on every occasion. That goes for Christmas and New Year as well. This is not surprising at all, since fried chicken is a classic holiday dish that always hits the right spot.

Good thing, you can always turn this holiday classic into a new dish to bring as your baon! Level up the greasy goodness of fried chicken into a fried chicken casserole that mixes the delicious chicken with creamy mushroom soup and some crackers for a crunchy experience. You may check out the recipe here.

Holiday Leftovers: Adobo Rice

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Now, what is a Filipino celebration without the world-famous adobo? But of course, with all the food that’s on the table— and adults watching their salt and fat intake— there might be some adobo you have to keep in the fridge. (Read: Adobo Challenge: Fun Twists to an All-Time Filipino Favorite)

That shouldn’t be a problem, though, because adobo takes a relatively long time to spoil because of the vinegar. So now, you can make adobo rice with it and bring it to work! It’s simple to do but super delicious to eat. Find the recipe here.

Holiday Leftovers: Fish Nuggets

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For health-conscious individuals, especially our lolos and lolas, it is a must to have fish on the table. However, not everyone is a fan of fish— or seafood in general— and prefer meat dishes over it. That’s why leftover fish might be unavoidable especially during occasions like Christmas, where there are a lot of younger people and children who love their red meat. (Read: 5 Easy Korean Meals for Work Week Lunches)

Luckily, you can turn the leftover fish into something the kids would like more: fish nuggets! It’s just like their fave snack chicken nuggets— just the seafood version. The procedure can be found here.

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