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4 Simple and Healthy Vegetable Soup Recipes

Nothing is more fulfilling than a bowl of hot and tasty broth.

Everyone’s craving for lugaw or porridge, champorado, and noodles during the rainy season. How about an easy-to-cook and healthy vegetable soup for a change?

The common vegetable soup that Filipinos cook is sotanghon or misua mixed with upo, sayote, and patola. In case you didn’t know, you can also make a delicious soup out of a single vegetable! Gather now those veggies stocked in your kitchen and prepare to learn new recipes. 

Serve your loved ones a savory and healthy vegetable soup that will satisfy their hunger and warm their hearts with basic recipes that even beginners can follow! (Read: 3 Hearty Soup Recipes That Popes Eat During Cold Seasons)

Healthy vegetable soup: Corn soup

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We usually see corn as one of the ingredients in bulalo. But when it comes to vegetable soup, it is the main ingredient. While it can be an appetizer, the great thing about corn soup is that it can be considered as a meal itself! To make it more flavorful, add a few quail eggs as toppings. But here’s a reminder to limit your intake of quail eggs because it is high in cholesterol. Get the recipe here. (Read: Why Do Filipinos Love the Essential Lugaw?)

Healthy vegetable soup: Cabbage soup

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This kind of vegetable soup has low-calorie content, making it a perfect dish to include in diet meal plans. The texture of cabbage soup is a bit creamy with a more seasoned taste as it complements the garlic, onion, and tomato sauce. You may sprinkle chopped parsley as well if you have some! Get the recipe here.

Healthy vegetable soup: Carrot soup

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Carrot soup may seem unusual or weird for some, but you might be surprised at how it will turn out! It can be a substitute for mushroom soup with its thick and creamy texture. So, if you have carrots stuck in your kitchen, try to experiment with them by making a nutritious soup! You can top it with small slices of bread without crust or simply pair it with bread. Get the recipe here. (Read: 3 Tips to Prolong Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables)

Healthy vegetable soup: Potato soup

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There are many snacks we can make with potatoes such as French fries, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, and more! It is also a common ingredient in several Filipinos dishes. This time, use those potatoes in your home for a healthier meal with this potato soup recipe. You can cook this soup in 20 to 30 minutes. For an added flavor, you can use chopped bacon or ham as toppings. Get the recipe here.

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