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3 Healthy Smoothies We Learned From Celebrities

Boost your immune system with these healthy smoothie recipes!

Admittedly, preparing an additional dish or ingredient to make our meals healthier can be a hassle— especially if we’re preoccupied for the day. But still, nothing beats prioritizing health especially in this time of a pandemic.

Luckily, there are ways to include fruits and vegetables into our food without having to cook an extra dish— and that’s through blended smoothies! (Read: How do you eat healthy while in quarantine? We asked a nutritionist-dietician!)

So here are some celebrity-approved smoothies that you can try at home if you want to try a healthier lifestyle. But remember that you should consult a nutritionist-dietician regarding your food intake if you have any illness, allergies, and other health-related issues!

Lea Michele: Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Photos from Lea Michele Facebook and Shutterstock

Lea Michele, known for her lead role as Rachel Berry in Glee, is a singer-actress who is a health buff especially since she has polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). That’s why in the morning, she already incorporates fruits and vegetables into her breakfast smoothie. (Read: Winwyn Marquez Shares Her Life-Changing PCOS Journey)

Lea’s go-to breakfast smoothie consists of kale, blueberries, avocados, and apples! It’s definitely a combination of such healthy and delicious ingredients that have lots of benefits for the body. So if you want to try Lea’s fruit and vegetable-filled breakfast smoothie, check out this link.

Fergie: Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

Photos from Fergie Facebook and Healthsomeness

Many of us love blueberries because they can go with many desserts like cupcakes and cheesecakes— but we all know it isn’t the healthiest option out there. That’s why we’re so happy to find this blueberry smoothie that singer and former Black Eyed Peas member Fergie loves! (Read: 3 Savory Recipes That Use Fruits as Main Ingredient)

Her nutritionist says that this drink is a favorite of the singer. And it’s not only blueberries in this drink— there are also bananas, strawberries, and flaxseed! If you want to have a taste of it, follow this recipe.

Jessica Alba: Get-Fit Smoothie Recipe

Photos from Jessica Alba Instagram and The Honest Company

Jessica Alba is one of the iconic actresses of the early 2000s and also a timeless beauty. And at 39 years old, and with three children, the actress still looks how she did when she was younger. She is still fit and healthy, and is a role model to many moms out there.

One of Jessica’s secrets in keeping in shape is her green “get-fit” smoothie created by holistic nutritionist Kelly Leveque. The smoothie has avocado, cucumber, spinach, chia seeds, lemon, turmeric, black pepper, and almond milk. It’s definitely a symphony of flavors that makes Jessica just love it even more! Find the recipe here.

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