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Health Workers To Get Booster Shots Starting November 17

All A1 priority group individuals can choose which booster brand to get.

Today, November 17, the government started its booster vaccination drive for health workers. Starting today, all fully vaccinated health workers–regardless of vaccine brand–will be eligible to finally get their COVID-19 booster shot. All other fully vaccinated individuals part of the A1 priority group or the frontliners, are eligible for the booster as well.

Health workers will be given a single booster shot only, and will be administered six months after their first doses or primary series, and three months after single-dose vaccines like the Janssen vaccine. (Read: ICYMI: Vaccination of On-Site Employees Required In Areas With Sufficient Vaccine Supply Starting December 1)

Free to choose brand

Three vials with different vaccines against Covid-19 by (L-R) Moderna, AstraZeneca and Pfizer-BioNTech stand on a table in the pharmacy of the vaccination center at the Robert Bosch hospital in Stuttgart, southern Germany, on February 12, 2021. (Photo from Thomas Kienzle/AFP/France 24)

According to a memorandum circular issued by the Department of Health (DOH), all eligible A1 individuals have the freedom to choose which brand of booster they will be inoculated with. “The priority group A1 may choose to receive the same brand as his/her primary series (homologous booster) or another brand (heterogenous booster),” the DOH said.

The boosters will be administered in the following doses:

  • Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine: 0.3 ml/dose
  • Moderna COVID-19 vaccine: 0.25 ml/dose (half of the regular dose)
  • Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine: 0.5 ml/dose
  • AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine: 0.5 ml/dose

Currently, only the A1 priority group is eligible for the booster shots as they are the most vulnerable to the novel coronavirus. Supply of vaccines in the country is still not enough to cover bother first inoculations and boosters of the population. (Read: Cebu Archbishop Encourages Public To Get Their COVID-19 Vaccines)

Full vaccination rate in the country is now at 28.65%–this includes those who completed two doses of Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, Sputnik V, Sinovac, Sinopharm, or AstraZeneca, and those who were inoculated with the single-dose Janssen. The data for individuals who have already received one dose in the country is at 34.61%.

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