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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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4 Amazing Health Benefits of Avocado

On National Avocado Day, we look into the internal (and external!) health benefits of regularly eating this sweet-savory fruit.

Today, July 31, the United States is celebrating National Avocado Day.

To observe this rather unique day, some restaurants and food establishments in the country are having promotional offers such as giving free guacamole for specific purchases and giving out actual avocados for purchasing customers. Some are also having week-long promos to celebrate the holiday.

While National Avocado Day is not much of a big deal when it comes to Filipinos, many in the Philippines still love avocado. And why won’t they? It’s delicious and can be incorporated into food—both sweet and savory, who would ask for more? But aside from it being a yummy snack, avocados are also healthy and provide various health benefits.

My Pope lists a few of avocado’s benefits, especially for those who want to try incorporating them into their diet. (Read: 4 Avocado Recipes for a Full-Course Meal)

Rich in Potassium

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Many eat bananas for the potassium they contain which helps in regulating muscle contractions, fluid balance, and nerve signals. Athletes tend to eat bananas, especially during high-intensity games. (Read: 5 Plant-Based Ingredients for Your Daily Meals)

But did you know that avocados actually have more potassium in them than bananas? A hundred grams of avocado contains 14% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for potassium, as compared to only 10% in bananas.

Filled With Anti-Oxidants

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Aside from helping the body absorb anti-oxidants better, avocados themselves are full of anti-oxidants. It also helps with eye health, as studies show that eating avocados is linked to a “drastically reduced risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.”

Good Source of Dietary Fiber

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Avocados are not only a good source of potassium, they are also a good source of dietary fiber which helps reduce risks of Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. (Read: How do you eat healthy while in quarantine? We asked a nutritionist-dietician!)

Gives a Healthy Complexion

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Aside from its internal benefits, avocados also have some external benefits. It is said that vitamin C in avocados helps wounds heal faster, soothe dry skin, and reduce skin inflammation. (Read: Skincare during quarantine: Three easy tips from a dermatologist)

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