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Halloween Treats You Can Make in 1 Hour or Less!

Dress up your desserts too this Halloween.

With Halloween nearing, spooky-themed treats are a must-have! Kick up the fear factor of your Halloween dessert tray with jack-o-lanterns, bats, vampires. and more.

We bring you nine delicious snacks that are so good, it’s scary!

Halloween Treats: Candy Apples

Jack-o-lantern apples (Photo from Betty Crocker)

Impress your kids with this Halloween treat! 

These candy apples are perfect to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Add your own Halloween twist by covering them in M&Ms, sprinkles, or even crushed Oreos! (Read: My Pope Asks: Is Halloween Catholic?)

Check out the recipe here.

Halloween Treats: Air Fryer Cookies

Air fryer cookies (Photo from

If you need a quick Halloween dessert, this should do the trick or the treat. As these cookies only take 10 minutes to cook, thanks to the air fryer! 

See the procedures here.

Halloween Treats: Vampire Bat Marshmallow Pops

Vampire bat marshmallows (Photo from Cooking with Janica)

We’re all batty for these four-ingredient cuties!

Have fun with your kids or let your inner kid out and head to the kitchen to make some Halloween magic! (Read: 3 Pinoy Horror Podcasts to Binge This Halloween)

Follow the steps here.

Halloween Treats: Mummy Pretzel Bites

Mummy pretzels (Photos from Today’s Creative Ideas)

The sweetness of the white chocolate mixed with the saltiness of the pretzel makes for one tasty bite!

These Halloween pretzels can be made with only three simple ingredients.

See the recipe here.

Halloween Treats: Monster Rice Krispies Treats

Rice Krispies (Photo from Chelsea’s Messy Apron)

Rice Krispies are a traditional kid-friendly dessert, and this recipe updates the classic snack so they are in for Halloween! (Read: 3 Disney Recipes You Can Recreate for Halloween)

This snack only takes 15 minutes to make.

Learn the recipe here.

Halloween Treats: Brownie Spiders

Brownie spiders (Photo from Gimme Some Oven)

These last-minute adorable snack only takes 35 minutes to make!

Click here for the recipe.

Halloween Treats: Candy Bars

Candy bars (Photo from Candy Club)

If you miss trick-or-treating, then why not make your own version of three classic Halloween candies with these easy steps.

You can also substitute the ingredients with whatever candies you fancy!

Halloween Treats: Dirt Pudding

Dirt pudding (Photo from Food Network)

Get down, dirty, and delicious.

Made with crushed Oreos, involve your kids to let them build their own creepy (and edible) Halloween cemetery.

Check the procedures here

Halloween Treats: Mummy Hotdogs Buns

Mummy hotdog buns (Photos from Homemade Interest)

Wrapped up to look like mummies, these bites are great for adults and kids alike. (Read: Celebrate Halloween at Home With These Spooky Treats!)

Plus these are easier to make than you think and a great idea for kids to make to get them to start learning how to cook!

Check out the procedures here. 

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