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Grade 10 student makes face shields for frontliners amid COVID-19 crisis

With confirmed COVID-19 cases growing exponentially by the day, health workers and hospital staff are struggling to look for medical supplies such as face masks, personal protective equipment (PPEs), and alcohol. Suppliers are scrambling to meet the demand caused by this pandemic, so civilians, celebrities, and brands are offering help where they can.

One notable individual is Grade 10 student Marcus Chu. The 16-year-old was given a 3D printer for Christmas last year, which he says came just at the right time. “I feel like it’s my opportunity to finally help in a very serious situation, even if it’s just in a little way,” Chu said in an interview with Reuters

The idea started when his dad showed him a social media post from his Tito Erik, asking for donations for face shields for medical personnel at the Ospital ng Makati. That’s when he thought of using his Christmas present to provide face shields to frontliners. He started out by using an open-source design that his tito sent and tweaked it along the way, so it would require less materials. 


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As of writing, Chu has made 80 face shields, and donated it to four hospitals in Metro Manila. He says his printer is only entry-level, meaning it could only make around eight shields a day, so he is encouraging others who have 3D printers to make face shields for frontliners as well.

He admits that the enhanced community quarantine is a struggle as he attends online classes on weekdays but is still thankful that he could help even when he’s at home. “I was glad that Tito Erik gave me the chance to help out during this crisis,” Chu said in his interview with Esquire Magazine.

You can check this link to see donation drives currently running for both frontliners and the general public. Suppliers of medical supplies can also be viewed at the link.


Text by Katie Rojas.

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