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3 Things to Do if You’re Feeling Lonely, According to Gracenote

The Filipino band gives us useful tips to cope with the isolation!

Anyone can feel the pain of loneliness, but the longer the pandemic goes on, the more the feeling of being alone persists.

Admittedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has left us feeling lonely as physical distancing, isolation, and stay-at-home orders were imposed to curb the spread of the virus. This is why many of us have been actively seeking ways to cope with negative feelings. (Read: 5 Ways to Cope With Burnout While Working From Home)

In this exclusive interview with My Pope Philippines, Eunice Jorge (vocalist), Jazz Jorge (bassist), EJ Pichay (drummer), and Tatsi Jamnague (guitarist) of the Filipino band Gracenote give us three ways to cope with loneliness. Read below!

Gracenote Tip #1: Admit You’re Lonely

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Being candid about your feelings and what you’re going through is the first step to moving forward. For EJ, the feeling of loneliness is just a fleeting emotion. So why not turn loneliness into solitude and try to love the feeling while it’s there? 

“Try to love being alone sometimes. Kailgan maging comfortable ka maging alone. It’s not okay na i-depend mo yung sense of security, yung sarili mo sa kasama mo. So kailangan mong maging komportable sa sarili mo,” EJ says.

Gracenote Tip #2: Reach Out

So how do we keep our cool, remain tolerant, and become kind social media users? (Photo by Pratik Gupta on Unsplash)

Social media has made it easier to stay connected with family, friends, and people we care about. To add, connectedness not only makes our lives interesting, it is also vital for our own survival. (Read: 5 Ways to Strengthen Relationships While Social Distancing)

“Reach out talaga. Kung ano man yan, reach out lang. Kung pinagdadaanan mo yan, reach out sa mga kaibigan mo,” Jazz says.

Eunice encourages opening up to other people and to support from the people we trust. “Maraming makakaintindi sa pakiramdam na yun so wag kang matakot na pag-usapan sya, wag matakot na i-open up sya sa mga taong malalapit sayo kasi malaking bagay rin yun na may makuha kang comfort or support group sa kaya mong kausapin.”

Kailangan mo ang family mo, pag nalulungkot ka or you’re feeling alone ang pinakamalapit na pwede mong mapuntahan yung family mo, pinaka-friends mo,” Tatsi adds.

Gracenote Tip #3: Seek Professional Help

Photo from Filippo Bacci/Getty Images/NBC News

Don’t be afraid to seek professional help. Talking to a therapist or a mental health professional might help you create more meaningful connections with people and it might also help you with a new game plan for coping with loneliness in a healthy way. “Kapag clinically depressed ka, ibang usapan na yan. You need help,” EJ says.

Kung nararamdaman mo man na mag-isa ka, wag kang maniniwala sa sarili mo kasi meron at merong nagmamahal sayo at merong nagca-care sayo,” Eunice adds.

If you’re struggling with loneliness, anxiety, or depression and need professional help, MentalHealthPH’s directory can help you find validated mental health facilities, services, and organizations around the country.

Watch the first part of our exclusive interview with Gracenote below: 

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