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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy From GrabSupermarket Fresh Today

Have farm-to-table freshness delivered to your doorstep!

Buy fresh produce safely and hassle-free with GrabSupermarket Fresh! It is the newest online supermarket under Grab Mart that offers fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, and plant-based products.

You can place your orders through the Grab Philippines app. Just make sure to finalize your orders before the delivery cut-off at 5 p.m. to have them delivered the next day based on your preferred schedule. You’ll never run out of options with the wide array of high-quality local goods and produce at affordable prices!

Want to know more why it is better to purchase your fresh produce and other supplies at GrabSupermarket Fresh? Read below! (Read: 7 Strategies Food Business Owners Can Get From Grab PH’s Food Trends Report)

GrabSupermarket Fresh is safe and convenient

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The ongoing quarantine limits the consumers from obtaining fresh produce, especially in Metro Manila. Grab PH believes that their latest online supermarket will give their users, including other consumers, access to farm-fresh produce safely and conveniently. Instead of going out to markets or grocery stores, people can easily order fresh produce in just a few clicks at a reasonable price! GrabSupermarket Fresh also prioritizes quality and sustainability at every step of the process– from the collating of orders to delivering products right to your doorstep. They carefully curate the products to ensure the best assortment of goods available.

GrabSupermarket Fresh gives farm-to-table freshness

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All items purchased from GrabSupermarket Fresh are directly sourced from Grab PH’s different local merchant-partners from various points across the country, such as Pangasinan and Bukidnon—promising you farm-freshness with every order! You can expect a hundred percent freshness from fruits and vegetables to meat, poultry, seafood, and even dairy and vegan products. Their trusted merchant-partners include Teraoka Family Farm, Bukidnon Milk Company, Emerald Fresh, 28 Derby, Tender Bob’s, and Don Bangus. Grab PH will also offer more plant-based products to give some vegan customers an alternative to meat.

GrabSupermarket Fresh is a stepping stone to healthy eating

Woman eating healthy food (Photo from RossHelen editorial/Alamy Stock Photo)

One of the main reasons many people have a hard time switching to healthier alternatives is the availability. With GrabSupermarket Fresh, more consumers will now have easier access to fresh produce, which may also help local farmers. Try to encourage your family or friends to start eating healthy food by introducing the brands and healthier food alternatives that are available in the app! So, they won’t settle on the usual processed food they see in markets. (Read: Healthier food options? We asked Chef Sau del Rosario for tips!)

To know more about GrabSupermarket Fresh, visit this link.

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