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These reader stories will make you believe in God’s perfect timing

No matter how hard life gets, these readers believe He always has something better in store for them.

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I was a law student when I was admitted to psychiatric ward for psychosis. When I got discharged, I questioned God. “Why? I was a good person – why would He give me an illness like that?” Then I came across an article that states sickness brings humility. I learned the value of humility and seeking God’s will in our lives. My faith in God strengthened, my love for my family grew. I got offered a job. I passed the Civil Service exams. It gave me profound hope and joy that God is indeed true to His word and His perfect timing. I am now at a point where I will never ever question God again whatever closed doors, trials, or downfalls my family and I may face again.

-Jao A.

Third Time’s the Charm

When I lost my second husband, I always asked God to bring him back to me. On his fifth death anniversary, I was going home from church when a man gave me a rose. I was annoyed. We were senior citizens, it is unbecoming. He said, “Third time’s the charm!” and I was dumbfounded. It was the exact same thing my husband used to say. He would tease me that the third man in my life would be my last. Fast forward, the man with the rose and I will be celebrating our third anniversary in December. He reminds me of my second husband at times, but he’s a man of his own.

-Elena Bautista

Perfect Timing

I was running late for an event and was trying to get on a bus when I got a call from my girlfriend, who wanted to break up with me. We talked, and yes, broke up, when I noticed that I had missed the bus. Already very late, I still got on the next available bus. A little boy selling candies handed me a strip of paper with the words: “You are not late. God wants you here.” When the bus got on the express way, there was heavy traffic – the bus I was originally supposed to board had almost fallen off the Skyway. Then I got a text from a colleague: the event was cancelled because the events place almost caught fire. I sighed and uttered a prayer of thanks. I was not late, indeed.

-Alvin P.

These reader stories will make you believe in God's perfect timing - image tammy-duggan-herd-771731-unsplash-1024x707 on
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