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You may not know it, but God reaches out to you every day

There’s a term, KBL, that is used to describe Filipino Catholics– it refers to the fact that many Catholics only head to Church when they get married (kasal), are baptized (binyag), and need to be buried (libing). As such, we can be Catholics in name, rather in practice. Of course, many of us go beyond this and regularly seek out God by attending mass and partaking the sacraments. But during this time where mass gatherings are prohibited, it may seem that we have limited encounters with God. 

However, God loves us unconditionally and is never stingy. He reaches out in every possible way, giving us the chance to enrich our relationship with Him. As St. Ignatius teaches, it is possible for us to find God in all things. Let’s recall some of the amazing ways God reaches out to us each and every day. 

Through Nature

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Have you ever noticed how the wonders of the natural world can stir something deep within you? Just gazing at a mighty ocean can take your breath away. Walking through a lush, green forest can fill you with a sense of peace. And running your hands through fine, white sand as crystal-blue waters lap at your feet can remind you of how much beauty there is in this world. “All that is beautiful leads us to God,” Pope Francis once said. With what’s happening in the world, you don’t need to go out to seek little pockets of nature– you can choose a calming mountain view as the wallpaper on your phone. 

With our Friendships 

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It’s good to have all kinds of relationships. Some are fun and light-hearted. Others help ease the load at work or in school. But have you ever noticed how your deeper connections bring you to new levels of love and understanding? Many of us long for these types of encounters, the kind where you open your heart and allow the other to walk in take up residence. As the line from Les Miserables goes, “to love another person is to see the face of God.” Our healthiest relationships always have the seed of true friendship at their core. They allow us to love others just as God has loved us– and they allow us to receive that same love a hundredfold. 

Through Random Acts of Kindness

The stranger who doesn’t just give you directions but leads you to where you’re going, or the waiter who serves you a cup of coffee on the house. These unexpected acts of kindness and concern not only brighten up your day. They also add spark to your faith in humankind. And as you say a silent prayer of thanks, remember how good it feels to receive such surprising blessings–and make a mental note to be that little glimpse of God for someone else. 


Text by Tata Mapa

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