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“Gift of God” returns to Nigeria to set up home for abandoned children

A native Nigerian who set up a center for abandoned children in Africa says she has done it after God convinced her to return to her country and “make his light shine.”

The foundation, called Unchangeable God of Mercy and Grace Foundation, was founded by Eseosa (which means “gift of God”).  She was born in Nigeria, but has been living in Italy for sixteen years now. 


A Message from God

In an article published in Aleteia, Eseosa detailed how she started seeing God in her dreams more than five years ago. “One thing I can share about this message that God sent me was that I had to go back to Africa ‘to make his light shine.’ The dream came back several times, but I rejected it because it asked me for a commitment in Nigeria that I couldn’t handle.”

Initially, Eseosa tried to ignore her dreams, which left her suffering from insomnia. However, after confiding with her parish priest, Eseosa started to find the will to listen to what God wanted her to do. “I brought it up with my parish priest, thinking that he would tell me I was crazy. Instead, after listening to me, he began to move. He organized a parish collection of clothes and appliances to send to Africa. So I found myself involved in this work…’”


Making God’s Light Shine

The initiative started with collecting clothes and other small objects to bring to Africa. “Half of the material was sold to raise funds, and the other half was for me to distribute to those in need,” Eseosa says. Over time, however, Eseosa started to see the bigger problem in Nigeria — a lot of children are being abandoned. “I’ve been [able] to see the streets where children live and sleep, abandoned.  It’s heartbreaking. As soon as they see a woman, they say, “Take me, mother!” And you would like to take them all.”


Children at the Home for God.


It was through this experience that Eseosa decided to set up a center for abandoned African children. “I wanted to call it a ‘Home for God’ because he helped me to set it up. I started doing the paperwork and the foundations of the building from scratch. I found myself with a strength that I did not think I had; and of course, some friends and relatives also gave me a hand.” She adds, “I would like this place to be a focal point of help for the children’s future, not just a roof where they can eat, drink, and sleep. I also bought some land that could be planted to allow us to have a self-sufficient economy and support ourselves on our own.”


For donations to the Unchangeable God of Mercy and Grace Foundation, visit their website.


Text by Aizel Dolom.
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