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WATCH: Gelli de Belen Shares Her Secret Home Recipes

Bond with your family over these easy-to-make corned beef bread and brownies a la mode!

Back in the early 2000s, morning talk shows were a huge thing. We would often hear them on TV while eating our breakfast, or when we get home after a half-day in school. Among the popular morning talk shows on Philippine TV is SiS, hosted by Carmina Villaroel, Gelli de Belen, and Janice de Belen. It is, in fact, the longest-running morning talk show in the country!

But since its final episode in 2010, the three hosts have gone their separate ways. They went on to continue their acting careers and became more involved when it comes to caring for their teenager children. And just like many others, they also started their own YouTube channels when the pandemic hit.

The trio’s content are similar and different at the same time— food, chikahan, challenges, and home tips are the central theme of their vlogs. But for today, we’re focusing on Gelli and her baking recipes on her channel! (Read: 3 Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From TV Moms)

The baked goods look amazing and we’re itching to try both of them— and we’re guessing you will be, too, after reading until the end!

Recipes by Gelli de Belen: Corned Beef Bread

In this YouTube video, Gelli said that she’d often bake her corned beef bread for people as potluck during dinners. But this time, she was baking it without any occasion. (Read: Chicken Wing Recipes: The Best of South Korea, Italy, Greece)

She shared that her older sister, Janice, requested it since she was in quarantine for a taping— and Gelli complied. She made the bread entirely from scratch and it looked mouthwatering when it came out of the oven. Surely, Janice enjoyed the corned beef bread she got!

Recipes by Gelli de Belen: Brownies a la Mode with Butter Salted Pecans

While Gelli was visiting her sons Julio and Joaquin who are residing in Canada, she thought of making brownies from scratch with her youngest, Julio, as a form of bonding. They made brownies a la mode with butter salted pecans in the kids’ ninang’s kitchen.

The recipe was easy and straightforward and didn’t even need any special equipment or ingredients to make. If this sounds delicious to you, better try making it next time with your family! (Read: 3 Easy Fried Rice Recipes From Aaron & Claire on YouTube)

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