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4 Fun Facts About Chocolate Chip Cookies

Did you know that the chocolate chip cookie wasn't even meant to be a chocolate chip cookie?

Every August 4, the world celebrates Chocolate Chip Cookie Day—a day that ‘honors’ the oh-so-chewy and delicious chocolate chip cookie.

It is no wonder why this cookie flavor is well-loved by both kids and adults—it’s just that it is really good! Every dessert and cookie brand there is out there has a unique version of the chocolate chip cookie, hence it has become a timeless flavor.

But did you know that the chocolate chip cookie was a serendipitous discovery? That’s right—it wasn’t on purpose that chocolate chips were put in cookie dough for that added flavor and texture. We give you the scoop on its discovery and other fun facts below! (Read: Chemical Engineers Start Online Baking Business Amid Pandemic)

The flavor was a serendipitous discovery.

Photos from Wikipedia and Aimee Tucker / Yankee Magazine

The chocolate chip cookie wasn’t even meant to be a chocolate chip cookie. According to National Calendar Day, baker Ruth Graves Wakefield was the one who accidentally discovered it. In 1937, while she was baking, Mrs. Wakefield realized she was out of baker’s chocolate which was what she needed for the recipe. The baker’s chocolate would have easily melted and combined with the dough while baking—but alas, she had none in her pantry, but she did have semi-sweet chocolate. (Read: DIY Baking Substitutes for Basic Ingredients)

That’s when she thought of using them as a substitute, thinking it would melt the same way the baker’s chocolate did. But, obviously, it didn’t. However, the mouthwatering aroma of the cookies baking spread through the kitchen was enough to compensate for the unmelted chocolate. And that’s how the chocolate chip cookie was born!

Chocolate chips were made for it.

Photo from Editor at Large / Wikipedia

What we know now as chocolate chips didn’t exactly exist back then. Up until the creation of the chocolate chip cookies, bakers were using small chunks of chocolate as the “chips.” And when the chocolate chip cookie went viral around the world, that’s when chocolate manufacturers created an actual “chocolate chip!” (Read: These two sisters are baking yummy treats to raise funds for charities)

It wasn’t called “chocolate chip cookies” at first.

From Chocolate Crunch Cookies to Classic Toll House Cookies. This is the original Toll House Cookie recipe. (Photo from Aimee Tucker / Yankee Magazine)

The chocolate chip cookie was called “Butterdrop Do Cookies” by a Boston newspaper when Mrs. Wakefield’s recipe was first discovered and published. When Mrs. Wakefield published her very first cookbook, Toll House Tried and True Recipes, she decided to call it “Chocolate Crunch Cookies.”

The world’s largest cookie was by ImmaculateBaking.

Photos from Louie Psihoyos / Medium

The world’s largest chocolate chip cookie was 102 feet wide and weighed over 40,000 pounds (around 18,400 kilos). The cookie, which was made by ImmaculateBaking, was baked using large propane heaters on a large piece of land. After the official measuring of the cookie, the bakers cut the cookie to pieces and sold it in a commemorative box for $10 to the crowds who watched its unveiling. ImmaculateBaking raised over $20,000 for the building of a museum for the Folk Artist’s Foundation (FAF).


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