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3 ‘Friends’ Inspired Items You Need to Add to Cart, Stat!

Decorate your room 'Friends' style with these items!

The Friends reunion that happened last week left many fans emotional and in tears as they saw their six favorite TV characters back together on one screen. They were also taken back to the late 90s and early 2000s, when they would lounge around in their living room and wait for the show to come on.

So if you’re a hardcore Friends fan and would like to embody the characters, why not decorate your room with Friends-inspired items? (Read: Which ‘Friends’ Character Are You in Your Barkada?)

That’s right. We found some affordable products that will make you feel like you are living the show! Here they are:

Central Perk Mug

Photo from Shopee

Central Perk is the iconic coffee shop where the six characters often hung out in. They would chat about everything under the sun while drinking coffee and eating snacks. So if you want to feel like you’re with them at Central Perk drinking your own cup of coffee, why not get this Central Perk-inspired coffee mug? It has the well-known logo of the shop and comes in its signature orange color, too! Get it here.

Friends-Inspired Flannel Blanket

Photos from Shopee

If you’re into the aesthetics of your room, you should definitely get this flannel blanket which has all things Friends printed on it. You can either use it on your bed, as a shawl for when your room gets too cold, or as a decoration piece for your chair! Check it out here.

Hugsy Plushy

Photos from Shopee

Hugsy is Joey’s beloved penguin stuffed toy clad in a yellow vest, red plaid scarf, glasses, and red polka dot hat. Joey loves Hugsy so much that he never lets anyone borrow it! But if you really want to get hands on your own Hugsy, you can replicas of it online, and hug it all you want! Click here to get your own Hugsy.

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