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3 Delicious Fried Chicken Meals for Every Budget

Looking for a meal that fits your budget? Read on to find one!

In everything we do, we try to maintain a specific budget. We keep spending to a minimum on most days, and just splurge during special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. The reason is that we try to save as much as we could for future plans— marriage, kids, travel— and for emergency purposes.

That is why even when it comes to food, we budget every peso and find a meal that’s worth the money we put out. Pre-pandemic, we would scour the mall before choosing a restaurant to eat at, and now during the pandemic, we’d scroll endlessly on delivery apps before deciding where to order. (Read: Paula Bernabe of ‘Baon Serye Ni Mister’ Shares Tips for Packed Lunches)

My Pope Philippines is making it easier for you! We’re here to list three different food items that fit every budget— and for today, we’re giving you fried chicken for every budget!

Under P100: Fried Chicken at Uncle John’s

Photo from Ministop Philippines Facebook

If there is one thing Ministop is known for, it’s their own fried chicken brand. Students and fresh graduates who just started working love to have Uncle John’s Fried Chicken for lunch because it’s inexpensive but isn’t lacking in flavor! Plus it’s always made fresh every day so you’re sure to get only the freshest and crispiest fried chicken!

Under P500: Umami Fried Chicken at Bad Bird

Photos from Bad Bird Facebook

We all love our herbs and spices in dishes at it adds a kick to everything we eat. And that’s exactly what Bad Bird‘s fried chicken is all about. Their version isn’t simply a breaded piece of chicken with crispy skin, but instead has a bunch of umami spices mixed and sprinkled onto it, making each bite all the more memorable!

It’s served with corn on the cob, dirty rice, waffles, or hush puppies for a complement of flavors. (Read: These YouTubers Had *This* to Say About Jollibee Chickenjoy)

Under P1,000: Chicken and Biscuits at Wildflour

Photo from Wildflour Restaurant Facebook

Looking for a delicious brunch meal? Look no further, as Wildflour Cafe + Bakery has got you! Their chicken and biscuits are sure to brighten your day with their crispy, delicious skin, and specially baked biscuits.

This meal is also a good option for people who aren’t fans of rice, and prefer other sources of carbs. It even comes with honey and gravy for the added flavor!

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