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Franciscan Friar Fr. Casey Cole Gives A Fresh Take On Catholicism

His Breaking In The Habit has over 230K subscribers.

When Catholicism can get stiff and stuffy, it’s good to get a fresh perspective of our faith. Seeing our faith in a new light awakens our senses and reminds us of why we became—and remain—believers of our religion.

Meet Fr. Casey Cole, an American Franciscan friar and Catholic priest who also describes himself as a writer and enthusiast of sports and beer. With his wholesome, boy-next-door image and conversational approach to discussing timely topics, Fr. Casey, who was ordained in June 22, 2019, has quite the following. His YouTube channel Breaking In The Habit has 230,000 subscribers, and his post on 10 Hilarious Catholic Jokes has been viewed by over a million people. (Read: LOOK: Catholic Priest ‘Father TikTok’ Wins At TikTok Philippines Awards 2021!)

Listen to his no-nonsense responses to common questions about confession and being a Catholic priest, find out how boring homilies can be better, and enjoy the lighthearted side of our faith through trivia and jokes.

Real Friar Answers Questions About The Vows.

As a Franciscan priest, Fr. Casey has committed his life to three vows—poverty, chastity, and obedience. This video gives straightforward answers to often-asked questions like “How much money do you make as a priest?” and “Have you ever fallen in love?” 

Real Priest Answers Questions About Confession.

“Why do we even need a priest?” “How often should I go to confession?” and “Face to face or behind a screen?” are just some of the common confession questions Fr. Casey gets. The priest answers them in this video. (Read: If Pope Francis can go to confession, so can you!)

Why Most Sermons Are AWFUL (And Three Steps To Fix Them).

“I talk to lay people all the time, who are excited about their faith, who want to raise their children in the Church…and just suffer through the homily each week,” laments Fr. Casey. The problem? Making the Word of God relevant to the people at Mass. This video explains what he would do to make homilies come alive to the faithful. (Read: 3 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Fr. Joseph Fidel Roura’s Vlogs)

18 Straight Minutes of Useless Catholic Trivia.

Interesting even for non-Catholics, this video contains fun factoids that could come in handy, if say, you wanted to break the ice and start a conversation. Did you know that a priest’s cassock has 33 buttons, one for each year that Jesus lived; that there are more Catholics in Brazil than there are in Italy, France, and Poland combined; or that the Philippines and the Vatican are the only two UN-recognized places in the world without laws for divorce?

Bonus trivia: The Philippines holds the record for the largest number of people in a World Youth Day gathering. That’s 5 million in 1995, and 6 million in 2015.

10 Hilarious Catholic Jokes.

Let’s end on a light note with a video of these wisecracks. “There’s one thing you cannot say about Catholics,” says Fr. Casey, “and that is that we lack a sense of humor.”

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