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Four Pinoy Films Pope Francis Will Surely Love

You might not know this, but Pope Francis is actually a fan of movies! In fact, he has a list of his favorite films that include some from Italian filmmakers, and a few more from his native Argentina.

“I remember a movie: the children were watching, it was beautiful,” the Pope said in reference to a film by Vittorio De Sica, considered among the fathers of neorealism.

My Pope lists down four Filipino films that Pope Francis would surely love.

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Magnifico (2003)

Get ready to have your heartstrings tugged at with this film! A little boy, magnifico, is determined to help his loved ones— his grandmother, who is afflicted with a terminal illness, and his sister, who has cerebral palsy. He builds a coffin for the former and raises funds for a wheelchair for the latter, and his earnest and simple love touches the lives of everyone around him.


Kita Kita (2017)

This indie film made waves in 2017 and it’s about two regular people who show each other that real love is not skin-deep. As a broken-hearted filipina tour guide living in Japan goes blind and finds friendship and eventually love in an unlikely stranger, the teachings of Lolo Kiko come alive. After all, he once said, “every stranger who knocks on our door is an opportunity to meet Jesus Christ.”


Star na si Van Damme Stallone (2016)

Lolo Kiko always roots for the underdog. And in this movie, a child with down’s Syndrome dreams of becoming a film actor and his family and friends all support him to make his dream come true. Heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, this film shows that with the family’s love and support, nothing— and we mean nothing— is impossible.


Seven Sundays (2017)

Four siblings gather together for seven Sundays to spend time with their father who is diagnosed with cancer. This comedy-drama reminds us that no matter what happens within the family, love will always prevail.


For the full feature, grab a copy of My Pope Philippines October 2019 issue.

Text by Frances Lacuesta.



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