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Monday, September 21, 2020
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Food writer shares how My Pope changed her perspective in life

Here at My Pope Philippines, feeling inspired is practically a way of life. Hence, it comes as no surprise when our contributing writers and photographers thank us for giving them assignments that truly inspired them as well!

To help celebrate our one year anniversary of being your feel-good lifestyle magazine, we asked our contributors to share their favorite My Pope experiences. This week, food writer Margaux Salcedo tells us about how writing the article Around the Family Table (in our November 2018 issue) uplifted her and filled her to the brim in more ways than one. See her story below!

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“I am a huge Cardinal Tagle fan. So much so that he knows me as his Number 1 “stalker.” His wisdom, as enlightened by Christ, resonates so loudly with me—plus he cracks me up with his jokes. So when Tata Mapa asked me to get a recipe from him, I immediately said yes! Then I got cold feet. How do you ask the Archbishop of Manila, the head of Caritas International, a BFF (best friend forever) of Pope Francis himself, to cook for you and share a recipe?! I thought, who am I to deserve such an honor?! So I sought advice from Chef Jessie Sincioco, Cardinal Tagle’s own BFF, and we decided that since the story would be about food and family, why not ask someone “greater” than the Cardinal in the kitchen—his mother! With Cardinal Tagle’s permission, I joined Chef Jessie when she visited the Tagle family home in Imus and got to dine at the very table Cardinal Tagle would eat at when he comes home. Mommy Tagle or Nanay Mila, as they call her, and Tatay Maning, Cardinal Tagle’s father, with their assistants Ate Delia and Cha, were very warm, humble, and welcoming. I felt like I was being hugged all day. It was the best experience! 

Since My Pope wanted to feature three people, Chef Jessie was also top of mind because she was the personal chef of Pope Francis when he visited Manila in 2015. She is also the most devout Catholic chef I know. What I loved most about writing this piece is our rekindled friendship; now I see her not only as a great chef but also as a truly great human being. 

Nina Daza Puyat was also top of mind because just a week before I was assigned this story, she told me about a prayer she had written for Mama Mary as the Ina ng Kusina, which has received the imprimatur of the church. Nina is a Marian devotee and sent me her mom Nora Daza’s recipe from the train en route to serving as a volunteer in Lourdes! She is such an inspiration. 

I really enjoyed writing about these three ladies and, indirectly, Cardinal Tagle. They all make me want to be a better person! By eating their food, they also fed my soul!”


– Margaux Salcedo
Contributor, My Pope Philippines


Food writer shares how My Pope changed her perspective in life - image 0F7A0966a on
All smiles! The My Pope Team with Chef Jessie Sincioco. (Left to right: Photographer Jar Concengco, Managing Editor Stephanie Jesena, Writer Margaux Salcedo, Chef Jessie Sincioco, Digital Content Editor Aizel Dolom, and Art Director Katsu Modomo).




Grab a copy of My Pope Philippines November 2018 issue to see recipes by Chef Jessie Sincioco, Nina Daza-Puyat, and Cardinal Tagle’s Nanay Mila!  Photos by Jar Concengco and Margaux Salcedo.

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