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Love Food? Check Out These Cute Home Decorations!

Express your love for food through these adorable items!

Ever since the pandemic hit and the quarantine started, many Facebook groups have been surfacing to entertain us while at home. And in recent months, one kind of Facebook group has become popular among the interenet ‘titos and titas’: those that suggest home decor, appliances, and other similar items.

In these groups, you would definitely find good items that you’d for sure want to add to cart. But if you’re not part of the group but still want cute finds to add to your home space, don’t worry because we have the cutest food-inspired decor for you! (Read: 4 Facebook Groups for Your Everyday Dose of Positivity)

Read on to see them.

Food-Inspired Decor: Dumpling Night Light

(Left) Lil B Dumpling Ambient Light (Right) Pearl Boba Tea Ambient Light (Photos from Smoko®)

If you like sleeping with light, but don’t want to turn on your room’s main light, this dumpling night light would be perfect for you! This low-light decoration is in the shape of a cute dumpling and even has its own steamer that comes with it. There are other food- and drink-inspired night lights in the listing, too, so you have a lot to choose from.

Click here for the item.

Food-Inspired Decor: Pineapple Desktop Decor

Nordic Modern Home Decor Golden&White Pineapple (Photos from Nordic Wall Canvas)

Trying to decorate your workspace into something aesthetically pleasing? Add this Nordic-inspired pineapple desktop decor to the list of things to buy! It comes in gold, white, and black variations, which will go well with any wall color and desk set up.

Shop here if you want it.

Food-Inspired Decor:Food Ref Magnets

MONAZONE Food Shape Fridge Magnets (Photos from Lazada Philippines)

Are you one of those people who love to decorate their refrigerator door with magnets, art, and other decorations? If so, why not get a few of these food ref magnets? They have eggs in an egg tray, bread and eggs on a wood board, tomatoes in a sack, and other adorable designs! It’s a cute and colorful addition to your kitchen decorations.

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