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LIST: Where to Give Food Donations for Typhoon Ulysses Victims

Clean water, canned goods, and biscuits are some of the foods you can donate.

The onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses has forced many out of their homes and into evacuation centers because of heavy rains, floods, and the fear of spilling dams and rivers.

Victims had to leave their houses, along with all the appliances, clothes, and other items they can’t bring with them. (Read: 3 Easy Steps to Restore Flooded Furniture and Appliances) This meant that they were able to bring close to nothing to the evacuation centers, including food, water, toiletries, and other necessities.

This is why organizations and groups are now setting up donation drives that request food items and vitamins for victims of the recent typhoons. (Read: Pinoy Celebs Start Initiatives to Help Typhoon Victims) Some groups are also cooking for the victims of Typhoon Ulysses, so that they would not have to rely solely on canned goods that were donated, and eat relatively healthier meals.

If you are thinking of donating food items for the victims, here are three organizations that you can tap.

Food for Typhoon Victims: Pembarya Donation Drive

Photos from Pembarya Facebook
  • Beneficiaries: Marikina typhoon victims
  • In-kind donations needed:
    • ready-to-eat food
    • canned goods
    • clean water
    • toiletries and necessities (blankets, clothes, hygiene kits)
  • Contact person: Genesis Felipe – 0906 268 4617

Food for Typhoon Victims: Tulong Kabataan

Photos from Tulong Kabataan- Metro Manila Facebook
  • Beneficiaries: Victims of Typhoon Ulysses in Metro Manila
  • In-kind donations needed:
    • rice
    • canned goods
    • drinking water
    • milk and diapers for babies
    • bread and biscuits
    • basic medicine
    • other necessities (blankets, toiletries, clothes, etc.)
  • Contact person: Tulong Kabataan – Metro Manila – 0956 174 7663

Food for Typhoon Victims: Mesa ni Misis

Photos from Mesa Ni Misis Instagram

Beneficiaries: typhoon victims and stranded individuals

In-kind donations needed:

  • fresh produce
  • meals
  • ingredients

Contact person: Mesa ni Misis – 0917 546 4747 /

*They also accept cash donations. You may check their Instagram for details.

You may also check My Pope Philippines’ Instagram for a list of more donation drives for typhoon victims.

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