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5 Prayers of Enlightenment for Teenagers

May God touch teenage hearts into making the best decisions in life and embracing positive values.

Of the stages in a person’s life, the teenage years can be the most challenging to many. This applies not just to the teenager concerned, but also to those who surround him.

As this is the time when a person is influenced by many factors in their life—family, friends, school, peers, among others—the social pressures of being a teenager cannot be denied. This is also the reason why many teenagers’ faith and relationship with their families are usually put to the test. (Read: Four Ways to Raise a Grateful Teen)

Let us pray that may the beloved teenager in our family find guidance and enlightenment amid the social pressures that surround them. May God touch their hearts into making the best decisions in life and embracing positive values.

A Prayer for Teens Making College Choices

Father, we lift up today teens making the choice of college. If a child chooses to attend a college or to enter into the workforce, they will be faced with many challenges and new-found forks in the road. We know that although we carry our own opinions in the matter, ultimately You know where each path could potentially lead. Father, we pray on behalf of the teen we have in mind that You would steer them towards the choice that will lead them closer to You and the one that will bring fruit to the Kingdom, and true joy to them. The kind of joy that can only be born of the Spirit of God, and the kind of joy that comes from walking in obedience to You. Father, just as the Israelites followed You through the desert so we pray that our teens would follow You into the Promised Land You have for them.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Prayer for Teens with Family Problems

Father, we lift up teens dealing with family problems today. Those teen years are filled with many voices in the ears of these young people, but we pray that Your voice of wisdom is the most pronounced. We pray in Your Holy Name that they will be given hearts of wisdom and discernment, so that they may see how to treat those in their families with respect and love. In the Commandments You gave to Moses; you call for us to respect our earthly parents. We pray for these children not only to respect their parents but to come into understanding as to why. More than anything, we pray that they would come into a deeper understanding of the love their families have for them, that the attacks of the enemy would be stifled, and Your love would flow throughout. We pray for healing and we pray for beautiful memories to be made from the restoration You have ushered forth.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Prayer for Teens Who Are Bullied

Father, we lift up teens who are bullied. Bullying creates wounds that scar on the inside, but we believe in the healing You can bring. We pray those wounds would not fester and create lifelong issues, rather we pray that Your truth would shine on them. That You would pour over them Your truth of how You see them, bringing forth Light where darkness sought to reign. We pray barriers of Holy protection around them so that the arrows of hurtful words and actions would not be allowed to penetrate the hearts and minds of these children. Instead, that words of godly truth would flow like a fountain over them. Teens can often have insecurities and fears that cause them to be mocking, and often cruel to others. Father, we pray for those children to be healed by You so that they would live a life of kindness and tenderness to others. We pray for the bullies to be brought forward in healing so that they would no longer desire to hurt others, but in their own healing they would instead extend compassion to those around them.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Prayer for Teens to Make Good Friends

Father, we pray for good and godly friendships for the teens in our lives. Godly friendships are important in these formative years, so we pray that You would lead good friends together for these young people. Just as David and Jonathan formed a friendship like a brotherhood rooted in You, so we pray that for our teens. Friendships and community circles will impact a person, the people they hang around will influence their own choices, ideals, and personalities. We pray for friendships that are destined of You, in order that together they could come to see more of You and more of the beauty they can pour out to others.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

A Prayer for Teens to Grow Spiritually

Father, we lift up teens to grow spiritually in You amid school, family, and social pressures. You often called great men and women in their teens to follow You into their destinies. From David being crowned King as a teen, to Esther saving her people as a young adult, to Mary being bestowed the honor of carrying Your Son, Jesus, as a teen You often have a tender spot in calling youth to their journeys. We pray that during this time between childhood and adulthood that they would come to know You more Spiritually. That it would not merely be religion in the sense of rules to be followed, but a deeply rooted relationship where they come to know the character and heart of God. We pray in these years they embrace You in their heats, and that seedling of faith will grow into gardens of splendor in Your Kingdom, full of fruit and life. We pray against attacks of the enemy or influences that are seeking to corrupt them. We speak against such spirits in Jesus’ name, for as You said in Matthew 18 that those who seek to lead a child into sin come in offense against You. We pray for Your Spirit protecting and leading them into true communion with You, growing in truth and Spirit.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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