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Don’t believe in miracles? These five stories will change your mind!

Have you ever experienced a miracle? These five accounts from everyday people prove that the impossible is possible—we just have to believe, have faith, and ask for it. 

‘Miracles happen!” said Pope Francis. “But prayer is needed. Prayer that is courageous, struggling, and persevering, not prayer that is a mere formality.” 

His heart defect is gone

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Diagnosed in October 2016 with atrial septal defect, a hole in the upper chambers of his heart, Melvin Carlo Grimpola paid a visit to his local church, where the image of Our Lady of Fatima was ready to be transferred to a nearby parish the next day. 

While praying before the image, he felt a strange sensation, “like something heavy struck my chest,” he told “I felt the muscles on my chest stretch.” 

A round of tests soon after left him and his doctors baffled. The hole in his heart had disappeared.

Since then, Melvin, a registered nurse, has committed himself to helping anyone in need. “I wouldn’t be able to do this if I was not healed by Mama Mary,” he said. 

Baby beats leukemia

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In January 2018, Philippine Star columnist Domini M. Torrevillas wrote about her baby sister Rosario. It was the 1950s and her infant sibling was on the brink of death when her mother extended her arms to the heavens and cried, “Lord, show us a miracle. Let my baby live!” Just then, little Rosario opened her eyes and moved her head. “This is a miracle,” declared one doctor. 

Renamed Milagros by her dad, the baby who beat leukemia is now in her 60s and enjoying life as a retired nurse after years of working in a health center in Gingoong City, Misamis Oriental. 

Survived an earthquake

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Motherly instinct explains why Maritess Romualdo used her body to shield her children from falling debris in their home during last April’s magnitude 6.1 earthquake in Pampanga. In doing so, however, she was buried under rubble when parts of the ceiling fell on her. “Lord, help us! Lord, save us!” she cried. 

Rescuers eventually pulled Maritess out of the concrete heap. Not only did she survive the catastrophe relatively unscathed (just bruises, wounds, and a sore back), she later found out she was pregnant!

“Our house was the fruit of my husband’s years of hard work abroad. Now it’s all gone,” she told “But despite the loss, I am still thankful because we are all alive.” 

Blessed with a baby after 15 years

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Married for 15 years, Wilson and Marilyn Faculto had yet to be blessed with a baby. In 2008, the couple began joining the procession of the Black Nazarene, the annual event where the life-size statue of Jesus (whose black color was the result of a fire on the Spanish galleon that carried it) is transported through a daylong procession from Luneta Park to its home in Quiapo Church. 

In December 2013, Wilson and Marilyn’s prayers were answered: they had a baby, though not in the way they had expected. 

“A woman we didn’t know gave us her baby for adoption, and walked away,” Wilson told the Inquirer. “This boy is our Nazarene miracle.” 

Her dead baby came back to life

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The odds were stacked against Prescila Catarinim’s baby girl: delivered post-term and in a breech position, she came out with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. Dr. Drolah Sanchez, who delivered the baby at a public hospital in Lobo, Batangas, in December 2016, told the young mother that her little girl had died from the complicated birth. 

Yet despite the absence of vital signs on the baby, Dr. Lala exhausted all means to revive her, as seen on a video she posted on social media. She asked for Mother Teresa’s prayers and intercession, “to please give this baby a chance to live,” she said.  

To her amazement, the baby began to breathe on her own after 25 minutes! In gratitude, Prescila named her child Maria Teresa.

Dr. Lala, who was not originally assigned to deliver Prescila’s baby, told, “Itong mag-inang ito…pinakita nila sa akin not to give up, na lahat ng miracle nandito lang sa tabi natin basta kailangan lang natin ng faith.” 


Text by Joy Rojas.

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