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Five habits you didn’t know can heal you

Been feeling stressed lately? Being happier and healthier can be easier than you think! Start by doing these simple practices that, little by little, help make everything better.

Hug More

As family therapist Virginia Satir once said, “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.” But why is this comforting gesture so important? Studies show that people who receive (and give!) 12 hugs a day are less likely to get sick, especially since hugging makes one feel more supported and secure. Hugging also reduces stress and in some cases, even physical pain. Think about it: Haven’t we all experienced how being embraced can instantly make us happier?

Tune in to Joy

From the nightly news to the tragic teleserye you follow every day (not to mention the real-life one you can’t help but eavesdrop on from across your neighbor’s fence), life is filled with negativity. We’re not saying that you should turn a blind eye to the problems of the world, but constantly feeding your mind a diet of stress and worry will only serve to make your outlook dimmer. For a change in perspective, take some time out of catastrophe mode. Instead, switch to uplifting tunes, shows that promote good values, and even your favorite feel-good magazine!

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Laugh Out Loud

This might sound cliché, but laughter really is the best medicine. A good guffaw can relax your entire body, release happy hormones, and even boost the immune system! It’s also an extremely effective tool when it comes to battling stress. And did we mention that it’s totally free? We realize that none of these benefits count as breaking news, but the mirth and glee of a little giggle are often overlooked these days, thus it bears reminding. Just make sure your humor doesn’t come at the expense of someone else, and chuckle away!

Get Enough Sleep

If you find yourself tossing and turning every night, try to look into what’s getting in the way of a good night’s rest and study how you can address these issues. Do you feel overstimulated at bedtime? If so, watch what you’re eating and drinking— and stay away from caffeine and sugar in the afternoon and evening. If you’re restless and not tired enough, get up earlier and add more physical activity to your day. If you’re anxious, learn a few techniques that will help keep your worries at bay. One trick we often like to recommend is the Journal Dump––where you write down all your thoughts, anxieties, and anything that comes to mind before you sleep. The point isn’t to write your memoir, but to unload your burdens and keep them from getting in the way of your restful sleep. When you’re done, shut your notebook, put it aside, and turn in for the night. 

Give Thanks

As Lolo Kiko once said, “Only those who know how to say ‘Thank you’ will experience the fullness of joy.” Too many times we focus on what we don’t have in life. Or just as regretfully, we take what we do have for granted. We forget to thank the kasambahay who prepares a delicious meal for us, we don’t even notice when the server refills our glass of water in a restaurant, and many times we presume our loved ones really should just do all the nice things they do for us. Most importantly, we may forget to give thanks when our prayers— both big and small— are answered.

Being grateful changes everything. It’s not just about noticing all good things you have in your life. It’s about consciously feeling blessed and thankful for them. It’s about recognizing that God and the universe are conspiring to take care of us every day, and in all the ways we never realized we needed— if only we opened our eyes and hearts to all His little miracles.


For the full article, grab a copy of My Pope Philippines September 2019 issue.
Text by Tata Mapa.





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