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Five Ads About Family That Will Warm Your Heart

Admit it. There are some advertisements that have made you cry—especially if they involve a family, and if their stories run along the lines of your story. To spread the fuzzy feels, My Pope brings you five advertisements that will make you wish Mom and Dad were just a hug away.

The one that makes you want to cry…and then laugh!

Have you ever felt so down-trodden and disappointed, as if none of your goals and dreams were coming to fruition? Just like in this commercial, we all need someone who believes in us and supports us no matter how mundane or crazy our dreams and aspirations might be. Because sooner or later, you will get there. And you’re going to make them proud.

The one that makes you believe in true love

True love is sweet and long-lasting. And there’s nothing sweeter than finding that one person who will stay with you, no matter what, all through the years. The kilig factor in this commercial makes us believe that “forever” really does exist.

The one that makes you want to hug your parents…longer!

Our moms and dads are our number one fans and the greatest heroes in our lives. Growing up, they were by our sides, playing with us, holding our little hands, and reassuring us that everything would be okay. And now that we’re all grown up and caught up in our own lives, we can never be too busy—nor too old—to call and thank them for always being there for us.

The one that makes you realize what family means

Sometimes, the people who treat and love us like family are not related to us by blood. Take our nannies, for instance. Can you imagine what it took for them to spend their time, effort, and love on us instead of on their own families? Be sure to take the time to thank that selfless person who cared for you as you grew up.

The one that makes you want call home

There are times when we miss precious moments with our loved ones—family events, the birthday of a spouse, bunso’s dance recital—because of pressing concerns. It can’t be helped when life gets in the way, but we need to remember that we can find ways to make up for what we missed—if we make the effort.   

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Text by Yen Cantiga.

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