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The secrets to Ina Raymundo, Alice Dixson, and Sunshine Cruz’s happy and healthy lifestyles

Admit it: Who’s looking forward to turning 40? 50? For most women, these decades spell the end of youth and the start of signs that you’re middle aged: fine lines, dry and sagging skin, muscle loss. 

But it can also be about rediscovering yourself and redefining age and beauty, as actresses Ina Raymundo, Alice Dixson, and Sunshine Cruz prove. With their busy showbiz schedules (and in the cases of Ina and Sunshine, family lives), these ladies who are well past their 20s, are looking and feeling better than ever, thanks to regular exercise, sensible food choices, and a positive outlook.  

Believe it: Your best years are yet to come! Embrace them by following the lead of these three inspiring women.  

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Ina Raymundo: Practice portion control—but don’t deprive yourself too! 

Ina Raymundo

At 43, the actress and brand ambassador could pass for an older sister to her five equally good-looking kids with husband Brian Potunak. How does she maintain her fresh face and 27-inch waistline? 

Portion control: Ina consumes no more than 1,200 calories a day, divided into six small meals (breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and midnight snack) spread throughout the day. Cheat days on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday make sure she doesn’t feel deprived. 

She also makes mindful food choices. She limits her carbohydrate and sugar intake and prefers fish, chicken breast, and veggies. 

“We should only be eating a certain amount of food talaga,” she told Asian Parent Philippines. “Kasi talagang ang nangyayari, we are eating more than what we should be eating. Iyon ‘yung number one mistake.” 

“Balanced talaga, it’s awareness, and being conscious na ‘okay, tama na ito,’” she adds. “Everything in moderation. Kailangan talaga matututo ka mag-‘no’ na kapag sobra-sobra it’s bad for you.”

No healthy regimen is complete without exercise, and for Ina, Zumba is it. 

“It makes you feel young. It makes you feel sexy. It makes you sexy. You get to dance and appreciate different genres of music. You get your groove back. You bathe in your own sweat (which is not a bad thing). You form a camaraderie among your Zumba-mates. It is so much FUN!”


Alice Dixson: Have a healthy attitude

Alice Dixson

Now an unbelievable 50, the actress appears to have tapped into an unlimited energy source: just check out all her fitness videos on YouTube!  

“Would you believe I was also overweight when I was in my 30s? Baby steps to learn a little running, an intro to yoga and a lot of online inspiration helped me a lot,” she said.  “This is not about losing weight or fad diets, this is taking care of yourself, from the inside out—the way your body should be treated. And soon you will see your body thank you in return.” 

No trendy diets for this natural beauty. “Eat in moderation, take the calorie intake that your body can actually burn, and if you want to lose weight… lessen the amount of food you intake and do more activity,” she told Rappler.  “I highly recommend supplements. Because no matter how healthy you eat, you don’t always receive the right amount or quality of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.” 

And what’s a healthy body without a healthy attitude? “There is a mind-body connection,” she says. “You take care of your body and your mind with follow, and vice versa. So it’s not a matter of ‘I feel this is the lowers of my low,’ you can say it in a positive way, and say, ‘I’m going to overcome this obstacle.’” 


Sunshine Cruz: Keep learning and working toward your dreams   

Sunshine Cruz

The 42-year-old actress and mother of three beautiful daughters doesn’t rely solely on good genes. She works out, eats right, and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. 

“Boxing, spinning, and zumba at least 3x a week, eating healthy (Low Carb High Protein) @healthyfoodiemanila and of course my fave Century Tuna Red @centurytunasuperbods, weekends are cheat days (rice, pizza, cheese, bread, pastries and/or ice cream),” she posted on Instagram. “I sleep as much as I can when I don’t have work, trying my best to always be positive by being with happy people. Bonding with my three girls make me very happy! And I smile a lot! I pray and appreciate small or big blessings from HIM.

“These are my formula to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Just sharing these to the ladies who’s been messaging me. Sana makatulong po ako in my own little way sa inyo. Mommies and ladies, if I can do it, you surely can too!”

Indeed, Sunshine is bent on bettering herself in all aspects. Despite her busy schedule, she finished a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Arellano University in April 2017, a feat she achieved through the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program––a program for working professionals under the Commission on Higher Education. The plan, she told Inquirer, is to save up to be a psychiatrist by the time she’s 50. 


Text by Joy Rojas.

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