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4 Family-Friendly Films for Children of Different Age Groups

From action and drama to animation and comedy, they’re enjoyable for all ages!

These days, watching movies online can be an isolating activity. Everybody, after all, has their own gadget and personal preference when it comes to films and actors. 

But the right kind of movie can also be a wonderful way for parents and children to unwind and bond. Here are four films that everybody will enjoy, no matter what age and generation. (Read: The Best Holiday Flicks to Binge-Watch on Netflix Right Now)

If You Have Young Children: Sitara: Let Girls Dream

Set in Pakistan circa 1970s, the 15-minute animation sees teenage girl Parri dreaming of being a pilot someday. But her father has another plan— to marry her off to an older man. Boasting colorful visuals, the short film is long enough to keep kids’ fleeting attention span.

It also has no dialogue: Take this opportunity to ask kids to explain what they see on the screen and get their opinion about the characters and story! Available on Netflix.

If Your Children Are Animal Lovers, Watch Two Brothers.

Twin tiger cubs separated from their mother are the stars of this 2004 action drama. While one is entered in a circus, the other is a pet to a young boy (Freddie Highmore). Cry together with the kids when Mama Tiger attempts to rescue her cub, and when the grown tigers are forced to fight each other in an arena. Available on Netflix and YouTube.  

If You Have Teenagers, Watch Never Have I Ever.

Yes, the teen film genre can be shallow, but the coming-of-age comedy-drama co-created by comedienne Mindy Kaling, is funny even for grownups. Sophomore Devi Vishakumar (Maiteyo Ramakrishnan) navigates the confusing teenage years, with tennis legend John McEnroe serving as narrator. Available on Netflix.

If You Have Adult Children, Watch The Father.

Sir Anthony Hopkins gives a heart-breaking performance as a man who refuses to accept how dementia has affected his life and the lives of those around him. Olivia Colman co-stars. The 2020 drama is difficult to watch, but dealing with the challenges of aging parents is something we’ve either faced before or are bound to face sometime in the future. Discuss your thoughts and feelings after the movie.  

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