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3 Pinoy Food Lovers You Should Follow on Instagram

Give these accounts a follow for everything food— recipes, restaurants, recommendations, and reviews!

With the further rise in popularity of social media amid the pandemic, almost everyone is taking their day to day activities and posting it onto their accounts. You’ll see people posting about their online classes or work meetings, them gardening, or sometimes even their entire day’s activities, you’ll be able to find on their social media accounts.

But if there’s one thing that people on the internet have been doing even before the pandemic, it’s sharing their food to their followers. Recipes, recommendations, reviews— you name it, every foodie with a social media account has posted one. These individuals really do have some good food to suggest, which makes them worth following! (Read: These Instagram Stores Make Gooey, Crunchy Cookies!)

That’s why we’re giving you three must-follow Filipino foodie accounts on Instagram, so you too can try the recipes and restaurants they recommend!

Pinoy Foodies on Instagram: Adobo Down Under

Photo from Anna Manlulo Instagram

Adobo Down Under is an account owned by Anna Manlulo, an Australia-based Filipino cook. On her Instagram feed, you’ll be able to see mouthwatering Filipino dishes served in food establishments in different cities in Australia. Anna is also the founder of the Filipino Food Movement Australia Chapter.

Filipino Food Movement is a community that works to “preserve, promote & progress Filipino cuisine.” Give Anna a follow here.

Pinoy Foodies on Instagram: What to Eat PH

Photos from What to Eat PH Instagram

What to Eat PH is a food website that showcases some of the most delicious dishes and desserts from all over the Philippines. You can find longganisa, crispy pata, and bibingka, among many others, on their colorful and hunger-inducing feed! (Read: Hungry? Try These Viral Recipes by Pinoy TikTokers!)

They also list and tag where you can get the food they post so you, too, can try it out for yourselves. Follow them here.

Pinoy Foodies on Instagram: Chichajo

Photos from 80 Breakfasts Instagram

Chichajo is a food blogger who posts about her food finds in and around the metro. She also posts recipes that you can follow at home and make for you and your family. And these dishes are surely delectable because she is an actual recipe developer!

You can check out her blog for these recipes. Follow @chichajo here.

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