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Have you seen these Filipino films on YouTube yet?

This is not a drill: The team behind "Heneral Luna" and "Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral" has uploaded its other films on YouTube!

Majority of Luzon has been under enhanced community quarantine for a month and a half now. With this, Filipinos are continuously encouraged to stay at home as part of the government’s efforts to slow down the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

With the long quarantine period, you might be wondering what to do with all that free time. Luckily, TBA Studios, home of movies such as Heneral Luna and Goyo, has provided a way for people to kill boredom by uploading several of its full-length films on YouTube—free of charge!

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Here are the films’ synopses as provided by TBA Studios in its official page.

“BLISS” by Jerrold Tarog

Jane Ciego (Iza Calzado), a successful actress, produces her own film to gain respect from the industry. During the film production, she is involved in an accident that leaves her disabled. She is left in a secluded house to avoid more attention from the press, under the care and supervision of her husband, Carlo (TJ Trinidad) and a cruel, unusual nurse named Lilibeth (Adrienne Vergara). As days go by, she descends into insanity as she experiences horrors and madness while being trapped in her own home.

“GAYUMA (Allure)” by Cesar Hernando

Mike is a young student artist at the UP College of Fine Arts. He is happy with his relationship with his girlfriend named Joy who is also a student taking up a film course. A beautiful and mysterious figure drawing model in their school catches his attention and is slowly drawn to her. He gets to meet her finally whose name is Stella, but Stella is quite elusive. Mike’s curiosity slowly turns into obsession that leads to a discovery of a dark heritage and ends in deep erotic passion linked from his family’s roots.

“IISA (As One)” by Chuck Gutierrez

It is a narrative feature about a never ending war, a town ravaged by a devastating storm and the woman caught in between.

“DORMITORYO (Dormitory)” by Emerson Reyes

Charles, an engineering student with an eye for beauty, just returned from school to a dormitory owned by Aling Linda, a strict, lonesome widow. Other occupants of the dorm include Max (now on his 7th year in college), Sheen (his reluctant partner), Steven (a social entrepreneur), Ramon (his cop lover), Alex (a call center agent), and Jenny (his attentive girlfriend). They all spend the evening tucked away in solitary rooms, talking about collective experiences, sharing a similar fate. And rent is due.

“PATINTERO” by Mihk Vergara

Ten-year old Meng loves one thing: patintero. The only hitch is that she’s terrible at it and her reputation has earned her the title of the neighborhood “patalo” (loser). But in the continuing struggle against the high school team that has one-sidedly claimed the territory of the local sari-sari store, Meng forms an unlikely team of fellow losers to finally challenge these high schoolers in the biggest game of their lives.

“MATANGTUBIG (Town In A Lake)” by Jet Leyco

The routine of the quaint rural town of Matangtubig is broken with the discovery of a girl’s remains, defiled in an open grass field, another girl, missing. Claims for justice and a search ensues, the national media turns its attention, as the town is put on trial for the secrets it keeps, a local fisherman struggles with his conscience to admitting as witness. The townsfolk become entities for decency and sham, attempting to divert attention, the town put up its yearly festival by the lake, unknowing of a sleeping evil that has come to claim them.

“WATER LEMON” by Lemuel Lorca

“Water Lemon” is set in the coastal town of Mauban, Quezon, where the mundane lives of a grieving widow, a socially handicapped genius, and a helpless grandfather interconnect to create bumps in their flatline lives.

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