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3 Filipino Food Vloggers You Should Subscribe To

Looking for food recommendations and recipes? Better check these channels!

Food is one of the best items to represent a country or group’s culture. Everyone has a dish, a delicacy, or meal that can solely be attributed to them— in the Philippines alone, we can find thousands of restaurants and food establishments that serve food unique to our country.

With the overwhelming number of choices we have, we sometimes stick to our favorite restaurants to avoid taking time to make a decision on where to eat. Luckily, there are food vloggers on YouTube that help us with the decision-making by recommending and suggesting must-try food and restaurants! (Read: The Best Home Recipes by Erwan Heussaff)

Here are some Filipino food vloggers you should watch if you’re looking for recommendations and food tasting videos for your next meal!

Filipino Food Vloggers: The Pickiest Eater

“The Pickiest Eater in the World” tries different food around the country to see which fits his taste. Together with his wife and daughter, they travel to different gastronomic hotspots in the Philippines— Manila, Cebu, Davao, among others— to check out different restaurants and recommend them to their subscribers.

During the pandemic, the family also created the ‘Quarantine Cuisine’ series where they get food to eat at home and would vlog while taste-testing it. Check out their channel here.

Filipino Food Vloggers: Mark and Miller

Mark and Miller is a food duo whose specialty is backyard cooking. The two have a Kapampangan background, and it is very much evident whenever they make delicious, crispy fried dishes like chicken, lechon kawali, and sisig. (Read: 3 Quick And Easy Recipes From ‘A Catholic Mom’s Life’ YouTube)

It is undeniable that Mark and Miller do a pretty good job in making their dishes satisfyingly crispy and crunchy— you would want to binge their videos! Check them out here.

Filipino Food Vloggers: Charm Concepcion

If there’s one thing Charm Concepcion’s channel is known for, it would be her “cookbangs.” What’s a cookbang, you ask? It is cooking and mukbang combined — Charm vlogs while she is cooking, and then she would follow it through with a mukbang video of her finished product! (Read: 3 Pinoy ‘Mukbang’ Vloggers We All Want to Dine With)

What’s great about Charm is that she really gets into the details of every flavor and bite, making us feel like we’re actually eating with her. Subscribe to her channel here.

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