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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
5 of the Best Filipino Food for All Saints' Day - image MPPPA_LEADERBOARD_728x90_rev on https://www.mypope.com.ph
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5 of the Best Filipino Food for All Saints’ Day

There's still time to review your Undas checklist!

Because of our love for food, we Filipinos have a dedicated dish for almost every occasion there is. We have staple dishes that we would regularly see on the table for Christmas, birthday celebrations, and yes, even Undas or All Saints’ Day.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, there are some classic Filipino dishes and desserts that always seem to be in demand every year whenever November 1 and 2 come around. And while there is no clear reason as to why these food have become a staple during Undas, it’s become somewhat a tradition for every Filipino to serve them in observance of the season. (Read: Celebrate Halloween at Home With These Spooky Treats!)

So what are these dishes and desserts that are laid out on the table every All Saints’ Day? My Pope lists them down for you!

Undas Food Staples: Puto

Photo from Ang Sarap

Puto, a rice cake delicacy, is often served together with dinuguan. It’s one of the merienda pairings many love. But during All Saints’ Day, puto is also eaten on its own, making it a snack for the whole family. (Read: ‘Cemeteries Will Be Closed From October 29 to November 4’ – IATF)

Undas Food Staples: Lumpiang Shanghai

Photo from Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation

Lumpiang shanghai is definitely a staple when it comes to any celebration or gathering, including Undas. That’s because it’s a delicious finger food that is filling and relatively easy to make! And our lolas for sure love to make shanghai rolls during their spare time!

Undas Food Staples: Inihaw

Photo from Ang Sarap

Filipinos do love a good ihaw, maybe that’s why inihaw is in demand every All Saints’ Day. We love to have isaw, barbecue, liempo, and other grilled meats during gatherings and occasions, including Undas.

Undas Food Staples: Pancit Bihon

Photo from Yummy.ph

Pancit bihon is one of the many types of pancit that can be found in the Philippines. It uses lighter sauce and thinner noodles compared to other kinds of pancit like pancit Malabon. Bihon is also relatively healthier as it has more vegetables and meats than other pancit variants.

Undas Food Staples: Sapin-Sapin

Photo from Lutong Bahay Recipe

This colorful sticky rice cake is a blockbuster for all ages, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s sweet, filling, and the texture is smooth that it’s fun to chew! Sapin-sapin can be found being sold by street vendors or maglalako every afternoon—and they are around most especially during the Undas season!

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