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5 Filipino Films to Premiere on Netflix This September

More noteworthy films are coming your way!

Streaming service Netflix is back with a brand new list of Filipino films for the month of September.

It can be recalled that for the past few months, a lot of Filipino indie films have consistently appeared in the Philippines’ Top 10 row on the streaming service. These specifically include the heartbreaking romantic comedy film Through Night And Day by Veronica Velasco starring Alessandra de Rossi and Paolo Contis; and the thought-provoking Kung Paano Siya Nawala by Joel Ruiz starring JM de Guzman and Rhian Ramos.

This month, several equally-noteworthy Filipino films are set to join these amazing works! And what’s even better is that these films will absolutely be a treat to everyone as they include much-awaited movies from production companies like  TBA Studios, The IdeaFirst Company, and CleverMinds.

Interested yet? Read on to know more about what’s coming your way!


Photo from Sleepless Facebook

Launch Date: September 3

Sleepless is the debut film of Prime Cruz to the 2015 QCinema (Quezon City) Film Festival. The movie won multiple awards including Best Actor for Dominic Roco and the NETPAC award for Best Picture in 2015. 

The movie features two insomniac call center employees (played by Glaiza de Castro and Dominic Roco) who spend an entire night fighting the loneliness that keeps them awake. Finding a common ground with their struggles in sleeping, the two form a bond as they talk about love, zombies, and everything in between.

Gasping for Air

Photo from TBA Studios

Launch Date: September 3

Gasping for Air follows the story of teenage Luis as he tracks down his missing sister who disappeared after a talent scout promised her a career as a singer.  In his journey, Luis discovers the grim reality of his sister’s whereabouts.

The movie is directed by Carlo Obispo and features promising actors and actresses of this generation such as Carlos Dala, Therese Malvar, Barbara Miguel, JC Santos, and Sue Prado.

Waiting for Sunset

Photo from Asian Movie Pulse

Launch Date: September 10

Waiting for Sunset was named the Best Film and received several awards at the 14th Cinemalaya Film Festival in 2018. The movie follows the life of an old unmarried couple whose life started to change when the woman’s estranged husband turns up, seeking  reconciliation and forgiveness.

The movie is directed by Carlo Catu and features Perla Bautista, Dante Rivero, Menggie Cobarrubias, Romnick Sarmenta, and Che Ramos.


Photo from Adobo Magazine

Launch Date: September 17

Distance is director Perci Intalan’s entry at the 14th Cinemalaya Film Festival in 2018. The movie is about a family that reels on emotional baggage and self-discovering. It tells the story of Liza, a mother who has returned to her family after being gone for five years. 

The film, written by Keavy Eunice Vicente, stars Iza Calzado, Therese Malvar, Nonie Buencamino, Max Eigenmann, Alessandra Malonzo, and Tim Mabalot. Distance was nominated for Cinemalaya’s Balanghai Award and it earned Malvar the award for Best Supporting Actress.

Write About Love

Photo from TBA Studios

Launch Date: September 25

Write About Love is a 2019 Philippine romance film directed by Crisanto Aquino under TBA Studios which stars Miles Ocampo and Rocco Nacino. The movie follows a young female writer and a seasoned male writer as they rewrite the script of an unfinished love story. Their story unfolds along with the love story they’re both writing. 

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