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4 Staple Foods Filipinos Serve During the Holidays

Celebrate Christmas at home with these traditional Filipino dishes!

It’s just a little over a month before Christmas, and families are already starting to plan out their Noche Buena at home, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

By now, people have started asking family members what they want to eat on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, listing their menu and all the ingredients they need to buy. But with so much food that can be served for this occasion (because of how much Filipinos love their Christmas celebration), it can be difficult to narrow down the list and not serve ten dishes all at once for four people. (Read: Pope Francis to Celebrate Christmas Liturgies in Private This Year)

So My Pope is helping you out by suggesting dishes that are usually served for Christmas, from vegetables to meat to dessert! Hopefully, this list makes it even just a bit easier for you to decide what you will be serving on December 25th.

Christmas Dish (Appetizer): Lumpiang Shanghai

Photo from Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation

Lumpiang Shanghai is definitely a crowd favorite. All ages love to have a piece or two of this roll and dip it into their preferred sauce. It’s an ideal appetizer because it’s something you can easily eat while talking amongst family members at the dining table or while watching a holiday movie while waiting for the main dish to be served.

Christmas Dish (Main Dish): Kare-Kare

Photo from Big Boy Kitchen

Kare-kare is a peanut sauce-based dish that many adults love to eat, and the younger generation is starting to love it as well. Who wouldn’t? The creamy, nutty taste of the peanut butter together with the soft meat and the salty bagoong (shrimp paste) is TDF. Plus, it can also be solely made of vegetables (vegetable kare-kare) if you or any of your family members prefer to not eat meat.

Christmas Dish (Pasta): Carbonara

Photo from Jamie Oliver

For some reason, carbonara is always on the table every Christmas. That tito or tita, who is an expert at making this dish, would always volunteer to cook it for the family for Noche Buena or Christmas dinner. And we’re not complaining! Carbonara is really simple but also tasty and who wouldn’t love the overflowing cream sauce and mountains of grated cheese? Not us! (Read: 3 Ways How Jose Mari Chan Brings Christmas in September)

Christmas Dish (Dessert): Sapin-Sapin

Photo from Lutong Bahay Recipe

Sapin-sapin, a sticky rice dessert, is often served during Christmas. This colorful dish is well-loved by adults and kids alike, but most especially our grandparents because it has just the right amount of sweetness to it. The mix of colors also looks good for Instagram photos and would surely put a pop of color to your pictures!

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