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A Filipina nun is now one step closer to sainthood!

A Filipina nun from Iloilo City has just gotten a step closer to becoming a saint!

On Wednesday, June 12, Pope Francis gave the title “Venerable” to Dominican Mother Maria Beatriz del Rosario Arroyo. It comes as Mother Arroyo, along with seven other Servants of God, have been confirmed by the Holy Pontiff to have lived the Christian virtues in heroic ways.

“With the promulgation of the decrees of martyrdom and of heroic virtue, the Servants of God are granted the title “Venerable,” the Vatican News reported. “The next stage in the “causes,” would be beatification, followed ultimately by canonization.”

Now that Mother Arroyo has come a step closer to being saint, My Pope looks into her life and her significant contributions to the Catholic community. Read on to know her story!

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Religious Life

Maria Beatriz del Rosario Arroyo, known by many as Mother Arroyo, was born on February 17, 1884 in Molo, Iloilo City.

The only daughter among three children, Mother Arroyo lived most of her life committed to her two passions: teaching and religion. Upon finishing her elementary education, Mother Arroyo entered the religious life in Beaterio de Santa Catalina. She eventually worked as a religion teacher at the Beaterio of Manila in Pangasinan before she officially became a nun with the Dominican Order.

In 1925, Mother Arroyo founded a congregation that runs schools, colleges, and retreat houses. Known as the Dominican Sisters of the Most Holy Rosary of the Philippines, the congregation initially started in Iloilo and eventually branched out to different archdioceses and dioceses in the country.

In just a few years, the congregation’s membership grew rapidly––leading to its now over 250 missionaries who are stationed in Capiz, Jaro, Manila, Bacolod, Cavite, Antique, and Tagum.

On June 14, 1957, Mother Arroyo died of heart failure. The cause for her sainthood was opened a few decades after, in 2009, by Retired Archbishop Angel Lagdameo.

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Road to Sainthood

The Pope’s decision to give Mother Arroyo the “Venerable” title brings the Filipina nun a step closer to being declared a saint.

The “Venerable” title is the second of four steps in the church’s canonization process. The next stage, beatification, requires the recognition of a miracle that is associated to the individual. While the next and final stage, canonization, requires the Pope’s recognition to another miracle that is also connected to the same person.

Currently, the Philippines has two saints: Saint Lorenzo Ruiz who was canonized in 1987, and Saint Pedro Calungsod who was canonized in 2012. If Mother Arroyo’s cause for sainthood becomes successful, she will become the first-ever Filipina to be declared a saint.


Text by Aizel Dolom.

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