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It’s True! Ferrero, Pepero, and Biscoff Now Have Ice Cream Flavors

Summer has just become cooler.

During warm and hot days, we’d always look for cold food and drinks to cool us down. One of the foods we often want to have during these days is ice cream because it’s both cold and delicious.

But sometimes, ice cream can be boring as the available flavors are those we’ve already tried in the past— or timeless classics like chocolate and vanilla, that we want something new to the taste. (Read: 5 Dessert Recipes Using Fruits in Summer Season)

Luckily, there are now snacks and desserts that are being turned into ice cream! Think actual chocolate bars and pretzel snacks but in the form of cold, creamy, mouthwatering ice cream. (Delicious, right?)

My Pope Philippines is here to list some of these new ice creams we found that we think you should try this summer!

New Ice Cream Flavors: Ferrero Rocher

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Anyone who loves chocolate has definitely heard and tried Ferrero at least once in their lives. Its nutty flavor is a selling point for older generations, and it almost always makes an appearance every Valentine’s Day!

Now, imagine turning this classic chocolate treat into ice cream. Sounds delicious, right? This is exactly what Ferrero Rocher did with the ice cream stick version of its regular, dark, and Rafaello variants! The ice creams will be available soon in some European countries—  hopefully, the Philippines is next!

New Ice Cream Flavors: Pepero

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If you’ve ever been to South Korea, you’ve probably seen some advertisements for Lotte World, which has the world’s largest indoor amusement park. But apart from Lotte World, aisles of Lotte products can also be seen around the country, just like Pepero.

Pepero is a pretzel stick snack that comes in different flavors— similar to Japan’s Pocky. And now, they also have an ice cream version! The Pepero Ice Bar, which comes in the original almond flavor, is available locally at the Jjang Korean Mart in San Juan City.

New Ice Cream Flavors: Biscoff

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Biscoff is probably one of the most popular brands out there because not only is it a biscuit, but it’s also been made into a spread and even cupcake toppings.

Now you can add ice cream to the list, because there’s the new Biscoff-flavored ice cream available in groceries. It comes in the original Biscoff flavor, one with salted caramel, and another one with brownies! You can get it from S&R stores nationwide.

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