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Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Feast Day Prayer to St. Januarius

On his feast day, reach out to the Patron Saint of Naples with a powerful prayer!

The Feast Day of St. Januarius, also known as the Feast of San Gennaro, is an annual event that celebrates the life of the Patron Saint of Naples.

St. Januarius was a dedicated Catholic who was given the responsibility of serving as bishop of the Church at the young age of 20. He is recognized for his heroic acts during Emperor Diocletian’s year-long persecution of Christians. With the help of his colleagues, St. Januarius hid as many Christians as he could, saving them from being caught by the guards. Sadly, however, he was arrested and condemned to be beheaded after he was captured while visiting his friend, St. Sossius, in jail.

Aside from his brave acts and sacrifices for the greater good, St. Januarius is also known for the miraculous liquefaction of his blood, which, according to legends, was saved by a woman named Eusebia just after his death. (Read: Blood Relic of St. Pope John Paul II arrives in UST)

Every year, thousands of people gather in Naples Cathedral to witness this event that happens every 19th of September (Feast Day of St. Januarius day), 16th of December, and on the Saturday before the first Sunday of May.

Today, reach out to the miraculous saint with this feast day prayer!

Prayer to St. Januarius

Oh Gennaro, brave of faith in Jesus Christ, glorious patron of Catholic Naples, looks upon us benignly and accepts our vows, that today we lie at your feet with total confidence in your powerful patronage.

How many times have you run to help your fellow citizens, now stopping in the path of the destructive lava of Vesuvius, and now saving us from plague, earthquakes, famine and many other divine punishments that terrify us.

The perpetual miracle of the liquefaction of your blood is a sure and extremely eloquent sign that you live among us, that you know our needs and that you protect us in a singular way.

Oh, we pray you to pray for us, sure that we will be answered; and saved from all the evils that oppress us from all directions.

Save us from unbelief, and you will see that the faith, by which you have generously sacrificed your life, always, always produces fertile fruits of saints made among us.


Prayer from vaticansite.com.

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