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A Feast Day Prayer to Saint Basil the Great

Lord, by the prayers of Saint Basil, we seek your guidance and wisdom.

Basil of Caesarea, also called Saint Basil the Great, was a 4th-century bishop in Cappadocia (now known as Turkey). He was a known theologian who used his influential connections to advocate for the Nicene Creed. He also used his power to strongly oppose Arianism and Apollinaris during his time.

Apart from his being a theologian, Basil was also popular among the poor and underprivileged for his charitable works. During his leadership, he established guidelines for monastic life that put the focus on the importance of community life, liturgical prayer, and manual labor.

Basil earned the title of “Great Hierarch” alongside saints Gregory of Nazianzus, and Gregory of Nyssa. They are collectively referred to as the Cappadocian Fathers. (Read: A Feast Day Prayer to St. Gregory the Great)

Today, St. Basil the Great is a recognized Doctor of the Church in the Roman Catholic Church. His feast day is celebrated today, the 2nd of January.

Prayer to Saint Basil the Great

Saint Basil, o great follower of God, help all as well as me. Defender of orthodoxy, defend us too, that follow your faith and stand beside you. Great follower of God, pray to him for all your people, as well as for unworthy me. Strong knight and leader of Ostrog, save us from the seen and unseen. Raised by Serbian soil do be the light in front of God, be our light and light up our road, and make the darkness disappear.

With prayer and tears you have warmed the cold cliffs of Ostrog, please warm our hearts with God’s spirit, so we can be saved. From all corners of the world to your grave come the weak and the ill, and you helped them, got rid of their demons as well as the devil, and healed their souls and bodies. Please continue to help, the baptized and the nonbaptized, everybody and me as well. You brought peace to fighting brothers, please continue to bring peace, help the divided, make the sad happy, calm the stubborn, heal the sick. Saint Basil, o miracle worker, father of our spirit, listen and hear your children’s spirits in the name of Jesus Christ.


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