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4 Favorite Dishes of St. Francis of Assisi That You Can Cook At Home

Maybe these can be your favorites too!

As the patron saint of animals and ecology, Italian Catholic friar, deacon, mystic, and preacher, we all know that St. Francis of Assisi made great contributions to the church. But have you ever heard about his favorite dishes? 

According to ancient stories, many assumed that St. Francis is a vegetarian because he seldom eats. Well, it turned out that he was just fasting most of the time! He used to eat herbs, cereals, bread, focaccia, soups, cheese, and water, including a few sweet delicacies. Like most of us, he also loves food—but with limitations.

Most of the favorite dishes of St. Francis of Assisi come from Italian cuisine. If you’re curious or want to try some of them, check out these recipes! (Read: Prayers of St. Francis of Assisi for Beloved Animals)

Favorite dishes of St. Francis: Northern pike

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It is said that one of St. Francis’ favorite dishes is eating pike, a freshwater fish that originated and is usually seen in North America. There are different ways to cook it, but it is advisable to have it grilled or baked. It is actually easy to cook, you just have to marinate it with Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and lemon juice for an hour to make it tastier. Grill it, then enjoy its savory taste and juiciness!

Get the recipe here.  

Favorite dishes of St. Francis: Shrimp pie

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Set aside the buko and apple pie for now, and try something new with the sweet and savory shrimp pie! Some of you may not have heard about it yet, but this pastry really exists! Similar to other pies, it has a cheesecake-like crust, flaky texture, and buttery taste. However, it requires a longer baking process because you have to peel each shrimp first and chop it– talk about patience when cooking this St. Francis favorite! Serve this unique and delicious treat as a merienda or give it as a present to your loved ones. (Read: 4 Rose-Infused Dishes For The Month of The Holy Rosary)

Get the recipe here.

Favorite dishes of St. Francis: Lentil soup

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Among the favorite dishes of St. Francis of Assisi is lentil soup, which is also an excellent dish to prepare for the Lent season. This is a hearty and creamy dish mixed with vegetables that looks like munggo. It is perfect as an appetizer or side dish to pair with your favorite fried food like fish or chicken!

Get the recipe here.

Favorite dishes of St. Francis: Mostaccioli

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According to legends, St. Francis also loves to nibble on mostaccioli. It is an Italian cookie made with honey-flavored dough, almonds, and grapes. So, if you’re craving something sweet or want to recreate his sweet cravings, you have to try to make some of these delectable cookies! It has a nutty and crunchy texture with a mildly tangy kick that caters to all taste buds. No wonder it’s one of his favorite! You can consume this treat, whether for desserts or midnight snacks. (Read: 3 Cookie Varieties And Recipes To Honor St. Hildegard)

Get the recipe here.

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