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Saturday, September 19, 2020
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4 Unique Gift Ideas To Surprise Dad With On Father’s Day

Make Father's Day a memorable one with these My Pope-approved gifts!

Dad is known to be the protector in the family—from helping the kids get up when they fall from the bicycle to making sure his daughter’s manliligaw treats her well. Intimidating as he might be, Dad will always have a soft spot for his beloved children. So why not thank him for his efforts by making Father’s Day a memorable one?

Check out these My Pope-approved gifts for dads of all kinds to get started on your surprise plan!

For Sporty Dad

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This dad is the one who would wake up early in the morning to get a 5KM run before going to work, or the type to go to the gym after tending to his daytime commitments. (Read: The Modern-Day Dad: Cartoonist talks about work-life integration)

For Father’s Day, why not give him a fitness tracker? It doesn’t need to be branded and expensive, it just has to serve its purpose. You may even go the extra mile by joining him on one of his morning runs and having breakfast with him after. Seems exciting!

For Foodie Dad

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He is someone who enjoys being in the kitchen, experimenting with food, and trying out new restaurants. He might also be the one to try some crickets and worms on one of your family trips! (Read: These websites offer thousands of online cooking classes!)

If this sounds like your dad, why not give him a new recipe book on Father’s Day? That way, he can discover new dishes he can cook for you and your family. You can also join him in the kitchen while he’s cooking so you could chat and catch up!

For Adventurous Dad

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Adventurous Dad just couldn’t stay indoors—he’s always up for an adventure, whether it’s visiting a new tourist spot or going to a newly opened attraction park. (Read: A Tourist’s Guide to the Vatican City)

To him, a new camera that he could take to capture his adventures might just be the ideal gift! And while we are not as free to go out these days because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can still let Adventurous Dad bring out his inner wanderlust by going on a virtual family adventure on Father’s Day! Check out these apps and invite the whole family on a spontaneous trip around the world!

For Savvy Dad

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He is one who loves doing brain teasers during his spare time. If your dad is a Savvy Dad, why not give him a box of puzzles—ranging from crosswords and Sudoku, to jigsaw puzzles? He would certainly love the challenge—especially if you and the entire family were to join him for a fun puzzle night!

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